Voices for FC Bayern, Gladbach and Co.: Hütter defends Ginter

Leverkusen is well understood by the Bayer Team and the Football Bundesligavers Bayer 04 Leverkusen. The city of Leverkusen was started in 1930 by the merger of the city of Wisdom with the communities Schlebusch, Stanched as well as Readers.Wren’s name owes the city to the pharmacist and also chemical entrepreneur Carl Levers, whose family members was descended from the ranch Leverkusen from the region of today’s city Remscheid. Today’s city Leverkusen arose in 1975 by the merger of Leverkusen with the area town of Op laden and the city Erich Neukirchen as well as the combination of the district of History of the city of Monday.

In Leverkusen, the Upper opens up into the Rhine.
Leverkusen is well recognized by the Bayer Group as well as the Football Bundesligavers Bayer 04 Leverkusen. The city of Leverkusen was founded in 1930 by the merger of the city of Wisdom with the communities Schlebusch, Stanched and also Readers.Wren’s name owes the city to the pharmacist and also chemical entrepreneur Carl Levers, whose family members was come down from the ranch Leverkusen from the territory of today’s city Remscheid. In 1930, the name went on the recently started city of Leverkusen.
Today’s city Leverkusen arose in 1975 by the merger of Leverkusen with the area town of Op laden and also the city Erich Neukirchen and also the integration of the area of History of the city of Monday. The freshly constructed city was after that separated into 3 towns; Op lades were divided right into the districts II and also III. Leverkusen has 3 larger city centers with pedestrian zones.
The dialect spoken in Leverkusen is generally understood to the north Middle Franconian language of Richard, likewise known as Kölsch’s language. There are Bernice dialects in the eastern areas.

After the BVB victory on Friday evening, FC Bayern also won his game on Saturday. There was no winner between the VFL Wolfsburg and Bertha BSC in a crisis. On Saturday night Playback lost against Bayer Leverkusen. These are the votes for the 19th match day:

Borussia Mönchengladbach — Bayer Leverkusen 1: 2

ADI Hunter (Trainer FC Borussia Mönchengladbach) … to the game: It’s absolutely annoying. We wanted to start there, where we had stopped against Bavaria and points. In the first half we have kept the game and after The break was the situation to the penalty. Yann keeps this then, and yet we collect an action later the goal. That’s incredibly annoying. For more than 90 minutes, Leverkusen deserved, yet my team has given everything to all.

… to question whether Matthias Winter had to stop in the square: I realize that this barrel will be opened again. We will not win a single game. The decision is so liked that Marvin Friedrich plays. He plays Was slightly unhappy at the penalty, yet he has given a decent debut for Playback. He is a player for the future.

… about the goals from standards: We defend the standard situations in which we have conceded the goals, too little. The second goal was also unhappy, a very well-shot ball. We train such situations, but have not implemented that well
… to make Marvin Friedrich in the Start elf (before the game): We have taken the decision quickly. We were glad that we could make this transfer. He is a player who in the future also part of this Team will be and many games for Union has denied, among other things, recently against Leverkusen. Therefore, today he gives his starting element debut for Borussia Mönchengladbach.

… to decide to leave Matthias Winter on the bench (before the game): We decided on Thursday that we will go to the game with Marvin Friedrich and since Jantschke has played well on the left side, we have played well us so decided.

… to question whether winters from performance reasons on the bench seats (before the game): Fact is that we will go separate ways in summer. Max and I talked to Matthias Winter, and it goes on one side around the Future and on the other around the performance. His performance against Bavaria was fine, because I had nothing to complain about. However, there were also games that were not so good. I chose the future and for Marvin Friedrich.

… about a possible transfer of Matthias Winter (before the game): It is so that the transfer time lasts until January 31st. We have used the opportunity because the association has promised that we can make transfers. The Was important to us what winter is with the situation, is open. He is a professional and knows that we can use him too. Nevertheless, the window is open until January 31st and I want to make a point under it.

Gerardo Sloane (Trainer Bayer 04 Leverkusen) … to the game: It was a thrilling game. From our side I am very satisfied with the first half. It has given many two-fighting and many cards. We have earned at least two goals — of course, more goals would have been possible. I am happy and relieved for the team that it has worked with the lead over 90 minutes. It would have been a tough impact if we had collected the compensation. I became nervous Only when I realized that my players were pumped out against players and there were high balls in the penalty area. My players have thrown everything in football, but everything is always possible.

… to the question of what three would mean: Three place is at night, that is a snapshot. For me, it is important to draw insights and develop themselves. We have made a step forward, confirming the services are always The hardest. We currently do not have many players available — I hope some come back. It will wait for new challenges in the next games.

… about his connection to Russia coach Hunter: We know each other, we will send us an SMS from time to time. We appreciate us as we both have experienced a nice time at the Young Boys. I could do there from his preliminary work benefit enormously and develop them. Therefore, we also have a connection and these you also realize when we meet.

… About Patrick Schick (before the game): He is a good player who brings everything: technology, speed and physics. That’s the whole package, and you do not find often. You also have to mention the surrounding players too, Diary and With are players who can bring the last pass. He has benefited very much.


… to question whether Florian With is ready the boss in the field (before the game): We coach love it when the team of the boss is. However, it needs a leader and Florian is the connection between midfield and Florian and storm.

… to the Borussiay location of Bayer after four defeats in series (before the game): It’s tight, and it will stay close, but I deal with services and this was not constant in all four games. We have to go in the game Keep the constancy and must not storm head sweep forward. The upper placements will remain close to the end, which speaks for the compactness of the league.

Yann Summer (Tor wart Borussia Mönchengladbach) … to the game: The result is disappointing. I would have wished that we would like to get the Lucky Punch and reach the 2: 2 — a pity. We knew you very much Have a lot of quality and in the game forward a lot of power. They often run us with their speed. We had some chances, we would have had a little more punching force before the goal would have progressed differently. Leverkusen has made a good game.

… to communicate with new entry Marvin Friedrich: The communication worked well. We have not really trained together, but he is a good boy and player, and it worked well.

… to question whether the Russia is in the relegation fight: We are down in the table. The situation is so that we are in it. Thus, we have to deal with it. Nevertheless, there have been good points in the game, we are good in the game came and have communicated well. At the end, the three points are gone, and we have to look forward. Now the trophy is standing on, since we have to move on a lap and continue on next week. We are standing where we are standing where we stand and right.

Robert And rich (scorer Bayer 04 Leverkusen) … to the game: It was very important that we have brought the thing over the line. We had to suffer much what we did not have to do. Overall, it was one More deserved, though hard victory for us. The two penalties were annoying, but the goalkeeper you have to make a compliment, which were kept great. In the end, however, in a penalty, only if he was in it or not. Our went in, I’m still glad that it was enough.

… penal meter against Bellcrank: It’s always difficult. By doing no viewers in the stadium, you hear the contact a little louder. In the game I would have seen him clearer, he hits him clearly, so there was contact. For It’s a 50: 50 decision — you can give him, but you do not have to.

… about Florian With: He is very far for his 18 years. His game looks very ripe and robust, he always knows how to move in the rooms. It is perfect, what he’s not just offensive but makes defensive.

Max Ebert (Borussias director Borussia Mönchengladbach) … about the decision to play with Marvin Friedrich and not Matthias Winter in the Start elf (before the game): In winter, we like the decision that we separated in summer Ways will go. He made the same decision. Then we had the chance to commit Marvin Friedrich and have used them. It is our commitment as a club to make the future. With Matthias, we have spoken openly and made the athletic decision not to set it up from the beginning. The player has separated from us has often been the case in the last twelve years. Now we have taken this decision as a club. The club stands above all and is what is critical. So we have what is critical traded and appropriately decided.

… about a possible transfer of Matthias Winter (before the game): After we committed Friedrich, we talked to Matthias to prevent this situation. He has a contract until the summer and with us contracts are fulfilled Nobody is sent away. Both in good and in bad times. Now the player has the option to say what he wants. Then you will see what happened until 31 January. So far there was no offer for him.

… about the strength of Russia against top teams (before the game): This shows what qualities we have, but also that the Konstanz is missing. We had a mixed start, then well dotted before we lost against Augsburg. Then we have made choices and showed good performance over ten games and only seven goals are collected. Then the notorious December started with the game against Freiburg. This game has left traces, which was not a normal defeat. At the end of the first round we have against Cofferdam got a point, Bayern have beaten and now have to bring our quality as a team on the field. If we create that as a team, we will free ourselves from the table below.

1. FC Cologne — FC Bayern Munich 0: 4

Steffen Rampart (coach 1. FC Cologne): Bavaria have done very well in all situations. We were unable to use the situations that offered to use. You have to clearly say That we met a very, very good Bavaria team, there we had no engraving and go as a deserved loser from the square. Dissatisfied you do not see me because we are on a good way overall.

Julian Nagelsmann (coach Bayern Munich): It was important to restore the six-point lead. Against an opponent who plays a very good season and is very brave. We had a good control and were always in the Location, even to become a goal-threatening. To shoot four goals and not to get, is just good and important to us.

VfB Stuttgart — RB Leipzig 0: 2

Pelegrín Matarazzo (coach VfB Stuttgart): It was a good performance, unfortunately we did not shoot goals and no points. We had a unity in the field against a good opponent. The goalkeeper performance at the opponent was strong. It was strong. It was strong Not all good, but it’s just a matter of time, until we are so good that we’ll get points again.

Domenico Tesco (Trainer RB Leipzig): We are happy about the first away win since April. That means a lot. We have used a real force. The CFB has played brave. With two tips it was difficult to press. In the second half we made it better. I think that the way of victory is important. The performance of Peter Pulaski was already very good, he kept us in the game.

Union Berlin — TSG Cofferdam 2: 1

Urs Fischer (coach Union Berlin): We had the moments today, but we also needed. That we did not like the ball pressure, especially to do with Cofferdam. You have seen what quality has been seen This team has. At the end, passion and will were there, and also the support of the 3000 spectators we needed, they went to win.

Sebastian Honey (Trainer TSG Cofferdam): We got in well. We make the 1: 0, which should actually give security in such a game. That was not the same with us. It quickly falls the 1 : 1, that did not get us well, the game was open afterwards. I can not precipitate the team in the second half, we had a lot of control, but have missed the last shot of purpose.

VFL Wolfsburg — Bertha BSC 0: 0

Florian Krefeld (coach VFL Wolfsburg): We had 30 dominant minutes, three great opportunities — we had earned the victory. We have made a step forward with the performance, which has not yet been enough to liberate.

Taken Workout (Trainer Bertha BSC): That was a 0-0 with which both teams have to live. We have come into the game and had to overcome some scenes. In the second half we have played with more control, were But not consistent enough.

PSV Mainz 05 — VFL Bochum 1: 0

BO Venison (coach PSV Mainz 05): It was a good initial phase of us, then Bochum was better and agile. It would have been deserved if she had gone leadership with the penalty. We have in halftime A few things discussed, came out better and then were the better team. We are just glad to have won a very narrow and balanced game and look forward to the three points.

Thomas Rice (coach VFL Bochum): On the whole, more in the first half would have been in it, because of the second half, the victory was earned by Mainz. In the second half we have a little the cut-off, Mainz has exerted more pressure. Nevertheless, the goal is annoying. We now just have to brush your mouth. I think we are prepared for Tuesday.

Borussia Dortmund — SC Freiburg 5: 1

Marco Rose (Trainer Borussia Dortmund): The first half was Barnstorm, that was top. We have done a lot of right and well today. After the 3: 0 I would have wished that we have completely done it. Last Year we have talked about it that the Bundesliga will be boring — and right away, because we were not at eye level. Now we are on three points ran. We always say that we would like to get the shell to Dortmund. But the Bayern play An excellent season and give a little ago. It’s about we take care of us. Christian Stretch (coach SC Freiburg): We did not come to the two-fighting today, Dortmund has played well. In the first half it was way too little, because the courage was missing. That was just a bad game From us. It’s extremely disappointing that we will act like that.

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