Notre-Dame burns in VR at Ubisoft and Pathe

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Once again, Ubisoft will set foot in the most famous cathedral in Paris, but this way with another protagonist. On the occasion of the exit of the film Your-lady burns of Jean-Jacques Arnaud, a parallel experience of the fire will be proposed. In addition to the documentary film, Path associated with Ubisoft to recreate the cathedral in a game in virtual reality. Players can then embody a firefighter present during the fire of April 16, 2019.

the return of Ubisoft to Notre-Dame


Modeled 2014 for Assassin’s Creed Unity, the French publisher had already paid tribute to the Paris Cathedral. In September 2020, a free VR experience had been posted by Ubisoft to visit Notre-Dame after fire. However, the challenge is quite different here, since it comes to propose a Game Escape of about an hour. Mix of puzzles and collaboration, you have to make a way in the cathedral. The player must find relics and fight the fire to get out.

Little information is available at the moment, especially with regard to compatible VR helmets. We do not know if the game is expected to accommodate a multiplayer mode. However, the game seems planned to reach the month of March, at the same time as the film it is inspired. The project Your-lady burns should therefore be a cross-media experience, uniting Path and Ubisoft.

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