Gislason over “Wunderkind” Köster: “He makes every day”

Wolfgang Glimpse (born February 12, 1967, in Regular) is a previous German handball gamer and coach, that played for the Bundesliga club SG Regular.

In the second game it was the star from now positive Keeper Till Glimpse, who started in Bratislava. On Tuesday evening it was the of the recent German player in the squad, which plays only in the 2nd Bundesliga handball. The speech is from Gummersbach’s Top Talent Foster, which showed an outstanding game and was right from the EHF to the Man of the Match.

Famous jumps, Rotzfreches one-counter-one, the overview for better posted players or the circular runners — the Polish defender did not get the versatile Foster so not to handle. Six goals in six attempts made the enthusiastic German fans celebrate in Bratislava.

Whether national coach Gílson was surprised because of the performance of the Foster, he was asked at the IDF microph1. The Icelander answered how he always answers. Not really, Gílson said dryly: He makes every day. I have, I believe all his games in Gummersbach has seen in the last year and a half.

A very complete player grows with us.

Alfred Gílson

Happy Gílson but how Foster acted in the attack. Not only the gates, but also his overview — and in spite of his 2.01 meters is incredibly good in one-against-one, the national coach, who snapped, said, His great strength is actually in the defense. Against Poland Blocked Foster Balls, snapped smartly with fast legs. His big weapon, the preferred position in an offensive 5: 1- or 3: 2: 1 defense, he could not show.

Gílson: Outstanding Defense, Outstanding Attack

A very complete player grows up with us, Gílson said, who may already have the German Home EM in 2024 in mind. With his whole team, the national coach was highly satisfied: I know the individual class very well. That you can make it under these conditions, under this pressure, of course, is great. It has noticed all day how much the boys were focused. Huge Compliment, what they have shown. Outstanding defense, outstanding attack — from the first minute to full there.

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