The 10 best modifications of Tropico 5 without those that you can not play (January 2022)

Tropics 5 allows players to live their fantasies of lords of the island. It is even better for the variety of mods available to download. Here are the best modifications of Tropics 5 without those who can not play. Here are also other items like this, in case you are interested: the best modifications of Civilization VI, the best modifications of COM 2, the best modifications of Sims 4 and much more!

Tramp panel

The 5 best modifications of Tropic

If you ever wanted to feel like a benevolent God devastating a complete ecosystem, then the Darth President cheat panel could be yours. With this mod you can control things like natural disasters, wars and monetary income.

Surely it is trap (the key is in the name), but surely it is very fun. It should be noted that it can not be used in multiplayer.

Citizen Review

The best modifications of Tropics 5 in 2022

It is perfectly natural to want to do more for its citizens, such as poison them, put them in rehabilitation or give birth immediately. Fortunately, there is a mod for that.

Once again coming from the Fodder Darthresidente, the MOD Citizen Overhaul allows you to make more actions related to your citizens.

There is a cost associated with each action, but do not worry, since they can be deactivated in the configuration menu.

All unlimited buildings 2.0

The 5 best modifications of Tropic

The Mod All Buildings Unlimited 2.0 eliminates those annoying construction limits and allows you to build as you want. However, they only apply to a handful of buildings, but the most popular options, including banks, nuclear power plants and urban parks are covered.

Although it eliminates the limits associated with each type of building, it does not allow you to get any benefit from the additional buildings it builds.

Drug trafficking

The best modifications of Tropics 5 in 2022

Do you want to channel your Pablo Escobar inner? Yes? Then do not look beyond Darth President’s drug mod. You can add abundant barbiturates and stimulants to your world, including cannabis, coca, cocaine, opium, morphine, heroin and analgesics, among others.

You will also have access to all associated facilities, such as hydroponic plants and plantations.

Silent selection

The 5 best modifications of Tropic

Sometimes they are those small mods of quality of life that can make a difference in a game as a tropic 5. This mod removes that annoying sound of click every time you select a building.

It could be the difference between the happiness of the simulation game and a hole in the wall similar to a desk. The MOD is similar to Tropics 4 non-Bells mod.

The rebels attack the army.

The best modifications of Tropics 5 in 2022

This Opt wood mod has rebels attacking military bases at your whim. It definitely adds a new dynamic to the world, giving the impression of a controversial landscape and constantly changing. The rebels will attack all military buildings, including all nuclear and spatial programs.

This adjustment manages to eliminate part of the frustration associated with the military systems of the game, making them more direct.

new food crops

The 5 best modifications of Tropic

This majestic mod adds new varieties of crops to your repertoire. Rice, beans and tomatoes are all present. They can be exported, locally consumed or supplied to grocery / supermarket stores, and add happiness to its population.

This mod is perfect for adding a new layer of paint to your daily tasks and, after all, who does not like rice, beans and tomatoes?

Large huge deposits

The best modifications of Tropics 5 in 2022

This MOD allows you to process larger amounts and be a magnate of big businesses in general. Multiply the default amount of all deposits and height fishing works and works. Recent updates have added real amounts instead of generic labels on fishing banks.

It should be noted that the MOD will automatically adjust the multiplier down (separately for each tank) to avoid deposits of more than 2 billion.

Mass Update

The 5 best modifications of Tropic

Mass Upgraded provides players with the ability to perform special mass updates in a variety of buildings. The MOD creates a completely new type of building called Upgrade’s Tower that allows you to update the buildings in batches, saving a lot of time.

With this mod ELECTRIFY it is obsolete by this mod. If you have installed both, the updates created by Electrify will not work.

Magic Forest

The best modifications of Tropics 5 in 2022

With the Mod Magic Forest, you can periodically generate forests in the place you choose. Add a new building called Magic Forest that, once placed, will make a forest grow instantly around it. You can also set the exact type of trees you want to immerse yourself in the configuration menu. It does it for the the best tropical mods 5 You can not play without! Let us know if one is missing below!

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