Update Battlefield 2042 released, Patch notes Revealed

A new update for battle 2042 is now live. Update No. 3.2 contains a number of different corrections and improvements for errors and stability, as well as a feeling of additional changes beyond that, such as a lot of updates for domain and weekly missions. It has also been announced that the next update, No. 3.3, will include an updated marker, among other changes.

«This update is part of our continuous commitment to address your comments related to the resolution of errors and the improvement of the game», it is said in part on the patch notes for the update. Currently scheduled for February, we will follow up with another update focused on quality of life improvements.

You can check the full notes of the Patch for Battle 2042 Update 3.2, directly from the source, below:


  • A problem was solved through which to leave a group during the pairing could make the game not respond.
  • A problem was solved by which to connect to EA servers after registering with a new account did not work in the first attempt
  • Updated behavior of the output button during the game, so that now returns you to the correct screen
  • A problem was solved by which cargo music stopped reproducing during the level load


  • Rare occurrence was corrected in which, after landing with the Wing suit, the blows were not always recorded in some parts of the Sun dance Hatbox.
  • The occurrences of elastic bands were corrected when it was behind friends’ players.
  • An unusual problem was solved that could make you stay trapped in a living and fallen loop.
  • A variety of problems were corrected with the connection to stairs that could make you stuck in a state in which you could fly or lose your specialist’s control.
  • A problem was solved by which the speed of movement of the soldiers was affected by nearby explosions that generated craters.
  • A problem was solved by which the movement of the camera and the audio to land were activated involuntarily when falling from very small heights.
  • A problem was solved by which weapons of a loading box sometimes inherited ammunition of the previously selected weapon
  • A problem was solved by which being detected when shooting a weapon would detect it for too long.


  • Several corrections were added to improve the general stability of the game.
  • A blocking related to the rendering that could occur for the users of AMD Radon VII while Sun dance was visible on the screen


  • The flashes of Sniper viewers and Solar are now showing from a larger distance


  • A problem was solved by which the weapons of the passengers were no longer synchronized each time the driver turret turned, which caused bullets to not register when shooting the enemies.
  • M1A5, T28: Improved the effective reach and reduced the dispersion in Canister Weapon Pod
  • Reduced bullet dispersion of 1.6 → 1.1
  • The fall distance of the damage to 35 → 40 was increased

Danger zone of the battlefield

  • A black rectangle was corrected that appeared on the screen during the end of the Round of the Risk Zone by pressing out on the level progress screen

Portal of the battlefield

  • The server Information tab now persists after pressing Update in the portal server browser
  • A problem was solved by which the text was overlapped by joining a Team Deathwatch game during the end of the round sequence
  • Rule Editor: the value «isinventorySlotActive» now correctly manages body to body weapons
  • Certain administrator commands can no longer be sent as spam

As indicated above, battle 2042 Update 3.2 is now available. In more general terms, the video game is currently available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. You can check all our previous coverage of the last and best Battlefield video game right here.

What do you think of the last? battle 2042 patch? Are you still playing regularly? Let us know in the comments, or feel free to communicate and contact me directly on Twitter in @rollinbishop to talk about everything related to games!

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