Supraland Six Inches Under Test: This game has earned more attention

A game like Supra land you can easily overlook. Worse: You can easily inch ten. The charming Metroidvania would have earned significantly more attention. In 2019, the colorful puzzle adventure turned out to be a real indie surprise, the user ratings were true through the ceiling. Amazing: The German developer David Munich brought the project almost alone at that time! But these times are over: Munich has gathered a small team around themselves, and that will now deliver his first joint game.


Supra land Six Inches Under is basically a Supra land 1.5. It is hardly new, but is a direct continuation to the first part. The project was actually quite different: Initially, Six Inches under should only be a second DLC (like Super land Crash), a kind of finger exercise, with which the new one should Team should play. But the project grew and grew up, until finally a full-fledged game came out, which offers the price of 20 euros properly content: 8 hours playing time should explore experienced puzzle friends for the main quest series, who really wants to discover everything is busy up to 20 hours.

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  2. Metroidvania for puzzle fans

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Back to the sandbox

Metroidvania for puzzle fans

Clever puzzle design

Even the degree of difficulty has earned praise, this time is somewhat lower than in the first Supra land. The levels are less nested and the tasks for the main quest series are never so tricky that we stay stuck for a long time. The end boss has been sent to the mat in almost 8 hours, but even then much is to do. Some upgrades and level areas are even accessible only after the credits! The secondary tasks and additional puzzles are then also much trickier than on the main path – ideal for those who want to seek a challenge after the end and really want to solder all the collective stuff.

fighting? Less is more!

Colorful children’s world

Also, graphically has made Six inches under little progress: the unmistakable style remains, but pretty lighting, subtle mirror effects and better opponent animations ensure a better look than in the first game. But this is nothing against what the developers have made for the official successor! The officially announced Supra land 2 is now called Suprawordld and let you explore a complete nursery after the sandbox this time. The game is based on the Unreal Engine 5 – and how great will look like later, David Munich has already presented in a first video.

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In each area we turn off a speed-up point to the hamster cage. [Source: PC Games]

Supra land Six Inches Under does not offer speech output, but complete German texts. The game costs about 20 euros, on Steam there is also a demo. So far, only one PC version has appeared, console traces are (yet) not announced.

My opinion

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Great puzzle fun for explorers and metroidvania fans

After I had devoured the first supra land, Six Inches under my nerve also meets my nerve: Behind the child-friendly graphic hides an incredibly charming puzzle adventure, which has a great for almost 20 hours with clever level design and crisp puzzles. That there are only a few new skills and some skill deposits are still a bit macular, I can get there relaxed. Six Inches Under is basically a Supra land 1.5, but makes some better than the original game. Especially the more compact levels and the heavily returned struggles ensure a better play flow and less dead ends, making the strengths of the series even better to carry. Whether you already know the original Supra land or prefer to get with Six inches undermine: the 20 euros it is absolutely worth.

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