FIFA 22 Toty: Ronaldo, Salah and Benzema in the 12th man

Traditionally, the offensive of the Team of the Year (Tony) is highly competitive, numerous top players enhance only three places. Also in FIFA 22, not all outstanding achievements of last year could be appreciated with a Tony recording, the voting to the 12th man keeps the way open by the back tell.

Robert Lewandowski, Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé form the attack in the Tony, several great names went empty – three of them can now hope again. Cristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United, Mohamed Salah from FC Liverpool and Karim Benzema by Real Madrid make the vote on the 12th man among themselves.

CR7 and Salah favored

The trio has been in the voting since Monday evening, when logging in the login, EA Sports players prior to choice. Favorites are CR7 and Salah, which convinced 2021 Toty-Ripe: Ronaldo advanced before joining United both in the series A and the European Championship to the Goal Scorer.

Salah, on the other hand, completed an outstanding first round in the ongoing season, various experts saw the shaped player in the world in the right footing of the Reds. Thanks to his already 16 hits, he is by far the torque professional of the best-determined league of the planet – the English Premier League.

Release this coming Friday

Benzema, despite its enormous importance in the offensive playing of the royal only the outsider role, too – another proof of high quality density among the international top attackers. The winner of the 12th man choice receives a full-fledged Tony object for FUT 22 and will probably be added to the pack next Friday at 19 o’clock.

The start of the voting also brings another realization with: in FIFA 22 no German is honored with a Tony card. The last chance of participation in the prestigious promo results from the honorable nations to be published in a timely manner but no upgrades of the same order of magnitude.

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