The other day released will be opened and the free grade of the “Hitman 3” edition of the unpopular version

Denmark’s Developer IO Interactive has implemented a free upgrade in the STEAM version of the stealth action “ Hitman 3 (Hitman 3) ” released on January 20, overseas time.

# STEAM version is also a “pros and cons” that is close to half of unpopular

“Hitman 3” is the latest series of series released on PC and each console on January 20, 2022. In the PC version, one year of exclusive sales in the EPIC Games store was conducted, and just one year has passed, the STEAM version will be released on January 20, 2012, and the Buyer Review Roundness. Is in the “pros and cons” state approaching the performance.

Multiple English reviews with agreement include “ 1 year ago work with full price for unpopular “, “ Different edition, download content, bundle, collection, trilogy, Access paths, such as access paths are difficult to understand. “.

Fix not launching/Crash on Startup/Black screen | Hitman 3
In particular, unlike many other games in the reboot version “Hitman”, a mechanism for bringing in the content of past work is adopted, and in “3”, there are four access paths for the first work and the previous work Of the seven Deadly Sins by “Seven Deadly Sins”, which is the theme of the seven main sins added after the release, the three-part bundled “Hitman Trilogy” package released on the same day as the theme of “Seven Deadly Sins” It is considered that the existence is spurring the confusion.

# Conduct free upgrades for a limited time

According to this degree of IO INTERACTIVE announcement, the release of the STEAM version “Hitman 3” is not planned, and it was not possible to meet the expected value of STEAM user who has increased by one year monopoly in the EPIC Games store matter. Therefore, the beginning of the “Hitman 3” journey in the STEAM community is preferred, and the “Hitman 3” of “Hitman 3” and all the purchasers until February 19, 2012, for February 19

  • “Hitman 3 Standard Edition” to “Hitman 3 Deluxe Edition”

  • “Hitman 3 Deluxe Edition” or “Hitman Trilogy” to “Hitman 3: Seven Deadly Sins Collection”

Decided to carry out a free upgrade. Overseas time is already started from January 27 .

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