Gosens: “I thought about Newcastle”

Two “outstanding” years Robin Gosens has loud Robin Gosens. On the left side in the 3-5-2 system of Atalanta Bergamo, the national player became the goal-threatening outfilder of Europe – with a summer change, but never worked despite numerous inquiries.

In January, after Gosens had already missed four months because of a thigh injury, two offers fluttered into the house. The first, from the neural Newcastle United, rejected Gosens. “I thought about it,” he admits in the big loud Robin interview (Monday edition). “But so really considered I have a change at no time.”

Gosens: Deshalb sagte ich Newcastle ab | SPORT1 - DER TAG

I would have likely to hedge a few generations of my family with this money.

Robin Gosens

Although the reputation of the Premier League was tempting, a change to Newcastle would have been financially worthwhile. “I find it very human, think about it,” says Gosens about the “lucrative offer” and explains: “If you can earn many times for the same job at a different location? Show me someone who just ‘No, thank you ‘says. It’s not just about me, I would probably have been able to protect a few generations of my family with this money. “

Instead, a few days later, Meister Inter knocked on, and at once everything went very fast. “I did not even change a million to Atalantantas, now the club gets a considerable sum for me. It’s a win-win situation.”

_Whe gosens learned from the inquiry from Milan, when he wants to stand again in the square, as he sees his role in the national team and what he says to the controversial World Cup in Qatar, read in the big interview on Monday – or already from Sunday evening imemagazines. _

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