[Review] Essen Cores first external SSD! KLEVV R1 Portable SSD (1TB)

Recently, it is frequent to carry high-quality high-quality images or data in the fast development of smart devices. If you need to maximize your portability, you often use a small USB storage, but if you need vast data and fast data transmission, the limitations are clearly USB storage.

This product is an enhanced Essen Core Klevv R1 Portable SSD (1TB) that enhances the portability of this vast and huge data to quickly move. The Essen Core is “I’ll try to turn off the fire?” As a foreign subsidiary of SK Co., Ltd., which is known to be a mention that is known to see “I’ll see a little” SK Co., Ltd., mainly bringing SK Hynix’s memory, manufacturing DRAM memory modules, USB, Micro SD card etc. It is a company that is doing. This exterior SSD is a product called “Store Your Memories (queue, our memory).

USB3.2 Gen2 The first external SSD of the Essencore adopted the first external SSD, you can quickly access data anywhere at a read and write speed at up to 1,000 MB / s, and the size (107x48x12.1mm) and weight (107x48x12.1mm) and weight (66.5g) The unprecedented small size of the unprecedented small size.

USB TYPE-C TO C, CO to A, is compatible with Windows, Mac, Mobile, and Laptops, including various devices, including a variety of devices, and based on the pride and reliability of the product, the quality of KLEVV It is a product that stands out.

With fine AIR VENT applications, fast and fast heat circulation and high quality copper heat sink with excellent thermal conductivity, effectively emitting the heat generated during use and maintains stable speed. In addition, we provide 3-year free AS, and data recovery through software can also be supported to fully restore important data.

It was released at two capacity of 500GB and 1TB, and this time, let’s look at 1TB capacity products.

■ Package configuration

■ Essen Core KLEVV R1 Portable SSD (1TB)

A thin, small design and a luxurious finish with a tower cover of a broken black color, and a sophisticated point with a luxurious finish without a luxurious finish, and a translucent backplate cover that is inside is designed to look slightly inside. It is a feature that the front and back of the rear color are inverted.

With the design of the battery that reminds the chocolate bar, the 107x48x12.1mm size and the weight of 66.5g can be easily portable and easy to use anywhere in the unprecedented ultra-small size.

With the latest USB TYPE-C port, you provide a wide range of connections to most devices, such as PCs, notebooks, tablets, mobile, and other devices such as PCs, notebooks, tablets, mobile, and provide USB C to USB A dual connectors and use it without problems. It is possible.

■ Performance Test
◈ Test PC Specification

CPU | AMD Ranchen 9-3 Generation 3900X (Matis)
Cooler | 3RSYS Socoool CSI 360 ARGB (Black)
Motherboard | MSI MAG B550 Toma Hawk
RAM | Essen Core KLEVV DDR4 8G PC4-21300 CL19 X2 16G
Storage | PNY XLR8 CS3030 M.2 NVME Heatsink (500GB)
Case | 3RSYS L700 Black

Depending on the connection method, the temperature is different. The right side is the temperature measured while proceeding with the bench test, 65 degrees, but when he touched it directly, it was a high level when he was touched by hand.

The size of the test data was set to 1GIB, 4GIB, 16GIB, and 64GiB, respectively. In most items, only the difference in slightly occurred within the error range, regardless of the data size. When connected to USB TYPE-A, it was confirmed that the speed was slightly lower than the built-in SSD of the general sapa method.

Only the connection port was changed and the size of the test date proceeded to USB TYPE-A. Almost unlikely, it was a stable appearance without changing, and the read and write on DB was 1,000 MB / s all satisfied with all satisfaction. It is possible to confirm that the speed is faster twice as compared to USB TYPE-A. Through two tests, the Essen Core KLEVV R1 Portable SSD (1TB) confirmed that it is possible to exhibit proper performance only to connect to USB TYPE-C unconditionally. Thereafter, the test was carried out only with USB TYPE-C.

I bought a $47

The 3840 × 2160 resolution (4K) and the codec type were set to 10bit RGB to test. The size of the test data was compared with four options as the same size as the CrystalDiskBench tool. As the test data grows, it was confirmed to maintain a constant speed within the error range. Like the preceding crystal test, a very uniform rate was maintained.

If a common Sata scheme has a score of 1,000 points, it was about 1.5 times higher than the score, and the write performance is higher than reading.

In the bench tool, the maximum read 1,010 mb / s is a maximum write 959.25 mb / s Measurement as a value similar to the speed indicated in the DB within the error range.

The Narrative Duty Test is a test tool to determine the speed degradation and speed of the SSD in a harsh environment.

The maximum speed in the narrative duty test was that the average rate of 1012 miB / s was compliant with 487 mib / s. The average speed of less than 50% was 46.6%, and the speed variation of a large width from the point of 92%, and the lowest speed and the highest speed are alternately repeated. Most SSDs are often not recovered by the speed, but in the case of this product, it was confirmed that the speed was restored rapidly when the SLC caching range is out of the SLC caching range.

The average speed is also very good enough to close to 500miB / s. It is not likely that it is a product that is not a rapidly used speed in the graph of the Essen Core KLEVV CRAS C710 M.2 NVME (1TB).

■ Finishing

So far, Essen Core KLEVV R1 Portable SSD (1TB) External storage.

The first time in Essen Core, a PCI3.0 NVME SSD with an external SSD product with an external SSD product is a maximum strength of design and portability. USB3.2 Gen2 interface allows you to quickly access data anywhere at a read and write speed of up to 1,000 MB / s, and compatible with various devices such as Windows, Mac, Mobile, Laptop, etc. through USB TYPE-CO TO C, And based on the pride and reliability of the product, it is a product that stands for the quality of KLEVV that looks up to the internal detail with translucent finish processing on the back cover.

If you want to keep your photos or images of good memories, such as the emotional design and overwhelming speeds, “the user who wants to keep a picture of good memories, such as promotional phrases, especially if you want to be able to keep your children at the moment, and quickly, I think it is a coming product as a optional product and wants to finish reviews.

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