3: 3 after 0: 3 and victory: Cameroon madness

Cameroon coach Toni Conceicao poked and trusted in the game for third place on a nearly retreaded team. The top attackers Toko Ekambi and Aboubakar also found themselves on the bank. This shot went back to the back, because the untappable lions came in Yaoundé pretty tame therefore.

After halfway proper start, there was a break in the game of the favorite, which was almost overrun after Burkina Faso. Les etalons went through Yago (24th) and also benefited from a Capital Schnitzer of Cameruns Cover Man Onana (43.). As after the side change Ouattara also the 3-0 achieved (49.), the game seemed already run.

All Attention Aboubakar

But Cameroon blues in the final phase again to catch up – and with success. First, Bahoken proved the right pier in one corner and met for 1: 3 (71.), before the substitute Aboubakar first rejected the connection – again to Eckball – marked (85.) and only shortly thereafter 3: 3 (87. ).

Burkina Faso vs Cameroon | AFCON 2021 3rd Place HIGHLIGHTS | 02/05/2022 | beIN SPORTS USA
This hit is likely to worry for discussions, because in the emergence Aboubakar opponent Ouattara had easily pushed. He was then bounced with the dull goalkeeper Ouedraogo, which in turn passed past the ball. Aboubakar then pushed into the empty gate. The hit was checked by Var long and counted (87.).

While Aboubakar marked his eight tournament gate and thus becomes bordering with certain probability of scorers, Burkina Fasos goalkeeper Ouedraogo also had to hurt out. Sawadogo came in and had only a few minutes to get warm for the penalty shootout. Sawadogo then did not react a quick action, while Cameruns Onana returned to Touré and so his team still led to third place.

As in the semi-final against Egypt (1: 3) Kameroon had to be through the lottery, but this time was the momentum whether the furious game course on the part of the hosts.

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