Annoyed TSG Hoffenheim slips in result crisis: “We are eaten”

The TSG Hoffenheim has lost the momentum in the fight for Europe. The negative series continued in Mainz – and pressed the mood.

Sebastian Hoeneß was so annoyed, the compliments just bounced off him. “We are eaten,” the coach of the TSG Hoffenheim screamed after the next unnecessary setback in the fight for Europe. Finally, it was already “the third game after which the opponent tells us how well we played”. But buy Hoeneß and Co. thereby nothing.

Once again, the Kraichgauer convinced over wide routes, once again they dominated a game, but at the end the TSG stood at the 0: 2 (0: 0) at FSV Mainz 05 again with empty hands – the excellent starting position is g1. And the fourth mandatory screen successively pushed massively on the mood.

“We can now also tell us a little sharper the opinion and put my finger into the wound,” Kevin asked Vogt, who spoke of a “small result crisis”. Torkeeper Oliver Baumann also admitted that he was “annoyed”, but “You can not go crazy, you have to stay cool”.

Hoffenheim again with a bankrupt despite good performance

Within four weeks, the TSG rushed in place from third place. And that, although the benefits were by no means bad – but the lightness has gone lost. Against Borussia Dortmund (2: 3) For example, Hoffenheim delivered an outstanding game in front of the country breaking break, home praise, but left too much.

As well as in Mainz. “The TSG was the better team. They have made sure that we did not look good,” praised FSV coach Bo Svensson, whose team made a record through the fourth home game in a row without goal.

Once again, the playful class of the Kraichgau flashed. Twice they met the post, giving several high-profile opportunities before they gave the points in the final phase. “Extremely annoying” are the opposite directions by Jae-Sung Lee (79.) and Moussa Niakhate (83th, trading feet), said Hoeneß.

Hoeneß: “We have to force it”

1. FSV Mainz 05 - TSG Hoffenheim 2-0 | Highlights | Matchday 21 – Bundesliga 2021/22
“I do not feel that we have hidden. We have to force it,” asked the TSG coach, who knows exactly what he talks. After all, it is not the first difficult phase for him. More often, in his nearly one and a half year old tenure, he releases from tricky situations. “The performance fits over wide stretches, but there are nuances that do not fit. That’s why we do not get any points right now,” said Vogt.

However, he and his teammates must turn off the fluctuations to work towards the trendy – and to meet the dream of Europe. Otherwise, there is only compliments.

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