Eintracht Frankfurt: Markus Krösche sees “Discrepancy” at Sam Lammers

Markus Kröscheing board Markus Krösche has defended new addition Sam Lammers against criticism, but concentrated simultaneously that there is still air up at the Dutch attacker.

“If you look at Sam’s values ​​from the training, it’s not just the most active, but with 34 km / h also one of our fastest players. In the direction of responsiveness, he is also among the top three, and he also shoots a lot of goals in the Training. Technically, a very strong player who can complete with both feet and moves very fast, “Kröse said in the” kicker “.

The former manager of RB Leipzig acknowledged: “There is a certain discrepancy between its potential skills and training services on the one hand and its services in the game. We work with it intensively that he will continue to show his qualities in the games in the games “

Sam Lammers at Eintracht Frankfurt SoLang a flop

Lammers had changed from the Italian series A to Frankfurt in the summer of Atalanta Bergamo, but has not been able to detect the team of coach Oliver Glasner.

Two magic gates in 16 compulsory matches are available for the 1,91 meter mains. Also apart from his hit rate, Lammers used so far extremely weak.

Eintracht Frankfurt: First a hit by Ragnar Ache

No real factor in annulling Offensive game is previously Ragnar Ache. The former German U21 international and Olympic participants from 2021 is 2021/2022 in a goal in ten Bundesliga games.

Even with him, croses look great systems: “Ragnar has an incredible potential. I rarely saw a striker that brings such physical requirements. He is fast, jumping in the third floor and has a good degree.”

However, the SGE Markus Krösches chief attested to the 23-year-old problems in the mental area. “As soon as anything does not work, Ragnar will still be too nervous and puts itself too much under pressure,” Kröse said.

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