Bungie: Sony buys Destiny

The Mubere Shopping Tour in the gaming industry continues. Now Sony officially announced that Bungie – the studio behind Destiny – will take over for $ 3.6 billion.

Sony & PlayStation Buy Bungie For $3.6 Billion, Destiny & Future Bungie Games To Stay Multiplatform

Hermen Hulst was very happy about the acquisition and is convinced by the studio bungie, the “community-controlled games with outstanding technology that offer enormous fun,” developed “.

Bungie published the following opinion: “We believe that games have a boundless potential and that we need to do something meaningful in the entertainment industry, a lot on our vision, our studio and our incredible team of trusted developers who create unforgettable worlds who really mean something. “

“In you we have found a partner who, in all, what we are, unconditionally supported and to accelerate our vision, cross-conservation entertainment, while at the same time keeping the creative independence that beats in the heart of Bungie. As we, she believes that game worlds are just the beginning of what can become from our IPS. Together, we dream of creating and promoting iconic franchises, making friends around the world, families across generations and fans across different platforms and entertainment media. “

“Today the journey of Bungie begins to become a global multimedia entertainment company.”

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