Guild Wars 2: Late release

For far too long, players have been waiting for the information when exactly the third guild-Wars 2 extension end of Dragons appears. We herself had already glossed and a guess formulated and justified . But now there is finally the official news when we go to Cantha and unlock nine new elite specializations for our classes . Because a fantastic trailer to End of Dragons has set the betraying – and the features of enlargement appropriately staged:

When is Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons?


On February 28, 2022, the extension Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons appears. Thus, with our guess we have only a few days next to it. And with good reason: our prognosis looked at the 25th, a Friday. This weekday also has Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire appeared, the previous GW2 extensions. In addition, players could have fallen down in the Canthan areas directly on the weekend.

All information about End of Dragons: Complete overview for the third extension of GW2

Community is looking forward to the release date

But unlike you like thinking, the displeasure in the community is limited. For example, a release on Monday means that the developers can accompany the launch perfectly without having to get at the weekend. In addition, various fans also emphasize that February is already full of hit games – , for example, Lost Ark , Horizon: Forbidden West and the promising action-rpg Elden Ring . Accordingly, you have to decide less what exactly you play.

Matthias, the largest GW2 fan of the editors, found the Monday release annoying, but now also looks that the whole thing has its advantages. Especially because I’m interested in Elden Ring and the new league of Path of Exile in February.

What about this date? Would you have the publication of EOD on 25 February 2022 preferred? Or do you also find it good that End of Dragons appears on February 28, 2022, making more distance to other gaming releases in the shortest month? Track us in the comments!

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