HASBRO develops a series of dungeons and live dragons

Dungeons and Dragons has had a delicate story with adaptations. The Baldur’s Gate series has been successful. The cartoon of the eighties, ordered at a time when everything, Harlem Globetrotters in Alien, had a lively cartoon, was canceled without ceremony before the characters come home. The live action film has been criticized and bombarded at the box office. However, the game is still as popular as ever, and with so many other table games that get important budget adaptations in a support or another, as well as the renewed interest raised by popular emissions such as _community or _hose., _ Hasbro look forward to passing dungeons and dragons to the next level.

At a quarterly results conference call, CEO Brian Goldner said:

(The Entertainment Division) also works on two different approaches because there are so many mythology in the barrel for (adapt) dungeons and dragons for live television. And there was a very strong interest. We talked about the number of world streamers and terrestrial broadcasters that have been much interested in Dungeons & Dragons.

It is interesting that it mentions the level of cannon and mythology to adapt. Dungeons and Dragons allows the Master of Dungeon to draw an adventure to follow by the players, making their own choices as and when, but there are still many game books to inspire them. The series will follow a consistent scenario or inspired rather anthology emissions like blackmiroir or the American horror history, _ with each episode or season telling a distinct story. If my own experiences with the table RPGs are something to do with a single meeting can easily take hours to play (I never said I was good).

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