New Trailer of Triangle Strategy reveals more of its gameplay

These last days, Square Enix has been revealing several advances about _ Triangle Strategy, _Su next great strategy game developed by the same team behind the acclaimed Octopath Traveler . Today a new progress has arrived, which reveals additional details about his gameplay and the character Benedict Pascal.

If you played the demo, you will surely remember Benedict Pascal, But as I was saying before, this new advance also shows us the ability to change or improve classes once it is reached at a certain level. Something similar happens when the weapons rise, which suggests that this will be a title with much greater depth than we thought.

TRIANGLE STRATEGY - Character & Story Trailer #3: Benedict Pascal - Nintendo Switch

Interestingly, the authors of the game previously mentioned that this year they would be announcing “multiple other projects”, although at the moment they did not want to reveal ourselves exactly what they were.

TRIANGLE STRATEGY reaches Nintendo Switch on March 4, 2022.

Editor’s note: Undoubtedly, Octopath Traveler has been one of the best RPGs I’ve played lately. I think that the visual style of that game certainly gives you a lot of charisma and personality, and I have faith that the same will happen with Triangle Strategy.

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