Podcast Reload: Program 19, Season 13

Podcast Reload: S13E19 – Leyendas Pokémon: Arceus, Strange Horticulture, Uncharted

On Friday we were still noticing the tremors of the expansive wave of xbox and activision , and so we wanted to do to see in the first block of the program, dedicated to keep pulling that thread to see what we took out. The only conclusion is that there are no clear conclusions; We commented a bit why it seems like that. The second half, recorded today, goes over Pokémon legends: Arceus , the new delivery of the veteran Game Freak series, which is surprising for good; About Uncharted: Legacy Collection of Thieves , which has been uncharted 4 and the legacy lost to PS5; and about Strange Horticulture , one of the first surprises of the year and an example of good adaptation of Lovecraft to the video game. _ Subscribe Enitnes or Spotify to automate everything that is the process of downloading our mandanga. _

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