1. FC Cologne: Marvin Schwäbe enthuses from ex

For Marvin Schwäbe, a “childhood dream” fulfilled in the current season, as he revealed in the interview with the “Express”. Only at the age of 26, the former junior national player celebrated his debut in the Bundesliga. In recent years he often changed the club and found only the Danish Club Bröndby IF the way to 1. FC Cologne and thus also in the Bundesliga. There he displaced the long-time Keeper Timo Horn on the bench.

Marvin Schwäbe - Underrated

“I am very pleased that it is in this positive direction for me,” explained the 26-year-old, which is aware that he is now under bigger observation: “But clearly the eyes are still on a directed when the previous goalkeeper Nine and a half years the undisputed number one was. ” The relationship with his competitors is good and the two “go fairly together,” said wars.

With the 1st FC Cologne, Schwäbe still has a lot. On the question of whether it could create the “Effzeh” to Europe, he presents himself ambitious. “It’s already that one says: Why not? But we want to create the 40 points,” he said. In view of the past years, this would be a considerable increase in performance of the club.

Läbe about cooperation with Nagelsmann and his role model

In youth, weakness was considered to be fully talent, but did not manage to jump to the Bundesliga for years. When he still played for the U19 the TSG Hoffenheim, today’s Bavarian Coach Julian Nagelsmann sat on a wick. Even today, the keepers enthuses the 34-year-old.

“He was already a great trainer at that time, be it personally or in the square,” explained the Cologne professional. Even then, Nagelsmann had had “scary knowledge” for his old age. It speaks for himself, “that he has led us to the German championship”.

Playfully, Schwäbe wants to orient himself to Manuel new, which is his role model. In his youth he was prepared for his stations to be strong with the ball. “In the junior teams of the DFB and also in Hoffenheim great emphasis was placed on goal training, a lot had to happen with ball – with right and also the weaker left foot,” he said. He have “enormously helped” these experiences.

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