Blizzard Boss makes fun of the next news about Diablo, Overwatch and Warcraft

The current director of Blizzard Entertainment has mocked that some remarkable news related to Diablo, Overwatch and Warcraft will be revealed in the coming weeks. In recent days, Blizzard revealed that it was in the early stages of work on a completely new IP that will take the form of a survival game. And although this project was interested in several fans, some had more curiosity about why Blizzard has not revealed anything important to his current franchises. Fortunately, it seems that the news about these titles will not be silent for much longer.

Responding to a query from a fan on Twitter, the current Blizzard Chief, Mike Ybarra, mocked that there should be some important news associated with Diablo, Overwatch and Warcraft revealed soon enough. “Blizzard is a great study and we have talented and growing equipment that also support live games,” said Ybarra in response to a question about what is happening currently with other franchises in which the study works. «In the coming weeks, you will hear more about that of Warcraft and Overwatch. Devil will continue. Pay attention!”

Blizzard boss says ‘Warcraft’, ‘Overwatch’, and ‘Diablo’ news is coming soon
When it comes to the nature of this news to which Ybarra is referred, well, it is difficult to know with certainty. Digilance 2 and diablo 4 are two of the next largest Games of Blizzard that many fans of the editor expects anxiously. However, it was also revealed that both games were delayed until 2023 in recent months, which means that it seems unlikely to listen to more about any of them in the near future. In all likelihood, the information to which Ybarra refers here should be a much smaller scale. And although that can be disappointing for those who want to hear more about some of the next major Games of Blizzard, the fact that any news in relation to these franchises is arriving is a positive signal.

Do you think Blizzard could have an important ad to do with Diablo, Overwatch or Warcraft in the near future? Let me know your own thoughts about this advance, either in the comments or you can contact me on Twitter in @ mooreman12.

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