Halo TV Series: Halo composers want to block series start

As Eurogamer reports, the two composers of the original Halo soundtrack has sued Microsoft due to unpaid license fees.

According to Marty O’Donnell and Mike Salvatori, who have composed among other things, the legendary monastic singing for Halo, Microsoft still lens to give you money on the last 20 years.

Because of this facts, the two already filed in June 2020. A skill date was scheduled for next week. Should no agreement be achieved, it could come to a lawsuit.

Lastly, the lawyers of the composers even examined the opportunity to block the publication of the upcoming Halo TV series with an injunction.

In a detailed interview, O’Donnell is closer to the problem and explains what took him and his colleague Salvatori to submit a lawsuit.

Stein of the impetus are different views regarding the contract situation of both parties. O’donnell indicates that he and Salvadori in the form of their company O’Donnell Salvatori Inc. have licensed the halo music at Bungie, even before the developer studio of Microsoft was adopted.

As a result, Microsoft did not want to accept the contract situation and is only in line with the publication of a separate halo soundtrack.

Halo The Series (2022) | Official Trailer | Paramount+
The composer duo transferred the publishing rights and copyright of Halo music to Microsoft and should then receive 20 percent of all profits generated by the use of music outside the games.

According to O’Donnell, you will receive a check quarterly, but do not believe that it is really the reasonable sum, as these are far too low.

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