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News related to the world of video game, science, medicine, cinema and anime. YowerEyoutube is a channel where you can find this and much more. UNBOXING, MERCHANDISING, some gameplays and direct, even a section where small channels are promoted free of charge.

However, the best thing about this channel is the creator of him, Yey, with the original image of him and the company Baby Yoda adhere all this content with great sympathy. Today we have invited Yey to spend some time with us, cast us games and took advantage of us to make a little interview.

Tell us Yey, what did you promote you to create YooliSyoutube?

First of all, tell you that it is a pleasure to take this interview with Bornontoplay, since I have been followed for a long time, years would say, and I love the format, the love and dedication that characterizes it when it comes to providing real information without sweeteners or Conditioners when it comes to assessing a videogame.

Precisely one of the reasons for creating Youreresyoutube was to inform. Years ago it was part of the team of a video game website and the idea I loved it, but I wanted to take a leaf round, do something new, and after doing some test in the end, the canal that is currently came out. That was one of the motivations and another was to help, since after asking for advice and supported some Youtubers known for my channel to get to know and not get an answer, I decided to be that person who does support small channels and with it A community connected to the channel itself.

Currently accounts with 1260 followers, a figure that is not bad at all considering that you wear a short time on YouTube. You have created an interesting character with a very attractive image. How does the figure of Yey arise?

At the beginning the channel format could be described as an podcast with images, since it showed no face and I was dedicated only to analyze and recommend games as anime, science, cinema and series. But I wanted to be able to go out in the videos to give him more life and personality, the mask was the touch I needed. The mask and Baby Yoda, which if I do not see him surely a cabin and mount some anger, who is very crazy the cabr ** (laughs). That was the moment in which Yey’s character took shape.

What kind of person is hidden behind that friendly mask?

Well, like any other person, I have my eccentricities. I am quite impulsive and above all impatient, which on most occasions play against me, and in the case of a YouTube channel even more. I imagined that it would take work to create the videos of the canal, but I did not think it would require so much time between texts, editing, sound and marketing.

Behind a canal there is a lot of work and it is not like many people believe, which is just sitting in front of a micro and a camera and getting to record. This has helped me a little to control those two characteristics in my personal life. As for the rest of me, I am a person who enjoys a good book, to learn everything that can enrich my knowledge, a good movie of action of the 90, a good video game and a good conversation with a friend accompanied of a good whiskey.

How do you think they have affected people platforms like YouTube or Twitch?

Playing Uncharted With Tom Holland

I think there are a lot of content, many lost creators and partly is due to the digital world in which we find ourselves and that many people contemplate these platforms as a way to earn fast and easy money. Nothing is further from reality.

There are millions of channels with very different proposals but in the end it is always summarized in a few who monopolize all the attention and some of them are not aware of the influence they exert on their audience. Its content is often lacking in a background that really enriches the viewer. Videos of kittens… Millions of visits?! (Laughter)

Twitch seems like a good streaming tool for _Gamers but I also think it’s something without control since it offers benefits to which most do not arrive and that can distort what is truly important in the future of a young person. In that sense I think twitch is something dangerous since it can be harmful to teenagers.

YouTube, on the other hand, seems better platform since leaving aside the channels that do not contribute anything or who do not have any work or effort, (yes, again the example of videos with kittens) there are many others that, to Despite offering knowledge as courses, literary recommendations and health or science tips, do not become so well known but at least the platform provides a tool with which many of them can try to improve the world of others and that seems to me something fantastic.

Offer knowledge altruistic with the sole purpose of opening the minds of millions of strangers. In that sense I think youtube is a bit more transparent and in a certain way helps both a young public and the older ones. You can find from guides and tips to memorize themes, such as videos where they teach to repair appliances from your home without needing to pay for it. If I had to summarize with an adjective each platform, Twitch would be: Easy and YouTube would be: Share.

We know that you are a great passionate of the manga and anime, if you had to make a selection of your favorite works. What would be?

Dragón Ball is from my favorites but I know that partly is for the nostalgia of something that has accompanied me from my childhood to date. But if I have to recommend other sleeves, I would say that EATH Note is a great work both in manga and anime and another would be Fullmetal Alchemist, being original and coming to mix events of the Second World War with the parallel universe of the protagonists. There are many good works but to finish I would say that miyazaki takes the big prize, the style of it is wonderful and allows young and old we dream and wake up many sensations that over the years have been hiding in our interior until almost disappeared. It does not notice that I like it (laughs).

What was your first console?

In my house there has always been videogames since having young parents these make this kind of things possible from an early age. My first console was a Spectrum. I remember the endless load times of a game accompanied by the sound that resembled what was formerly the noise of a ROUTER when connecting to the Internet. Yes, millenials, I know you do not know what that noise is. Good ‘ol times!.

If you had to choose five videogames to take a desert island, what would be?

Final Fantasy VII of PS1 Of course, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy Vii, Track and Field Nes, unchart and any MMORPG with a good open world. Surely it will happen to me more after but those come to mind alone.

Physical or digital format?

Physical. It’s like choosing between a book or a notebook, they are called like that, no? (Laughter) I do not change the physical format for anything in the world and think that it may disappear, it seems fatal. Who does not have a Nintendo or Sega cartridge and is happy with just holding it?

We are physical and materialist contact beings from our origins. Pretty far away we are already some of others and private tact for the current situation that has lived us to live as to continue putting means to get away from one of the most important characteristics of the human being. At least I need to feel with your hands everything surrounds me and that moves away enough of the current intentions to take us to a completely digital world. Fear gives me the metaverse. I do not consider myself the monkey who looks at a picture of a banana. I am the monkey that holds the banana and who knows that you can eat it whenever you want (laughs).

What would be your recommendation for someone who is thinking about creating your own content or an original character like yours?

Well, the main thing is to have a clear idea. Try to be faithful to oneself without looking at what they do or stop doing others, and above all, dedicate the time it deserves. You have to work to get good results and always be constant. And finally, enjoy what you do because if you will not become another job without further and it will end up tiring.

What would you like to get for the future with your content?

Well, as it usually says, if you dream, you have to dream big. My long-term goal would be to get a highlighted hole among the millions of YouTube creators to be able to use the influence on a didactic way, for medical and social purposes.

I would love to transmit information unknown by many to each person who accesses my channel. There are several studies and medical treatments that are in process and pro disgrace do not reach good port due to lack of economic or media resources and go unnoticed in today’s society. On the other hand, everyone knows man are overweight that comes out in the advertisement of movistar or the footballer who takes the golden ball. In conclusion, they can offer knowledge of relevance with the sole objective of opening the minds of others.

A very laudable goal, Yey. We hope that your channel will achieve a relevance to the height of the importance of everything that abanderates. Thank you very much for being today with us.

The pleasure has been mine for being able to participate with you. I hope we can share more projects together, and as we always say in the channel: “A hug companions!”

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