Spider-Man No Way Home is already the Sixth Moviest Movie of History: New Posters

Spider-Man: No Way Home , the new Arachnid superhero film of Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios dollars part of the UCM, it continues to causing furor in theaters around the world despite which makes more than a month of its world premiere. So much so, that it hdollars already become the sixth most tdollarstling movie of history thanks to a collection that rubs 1,700 million dollars around the world, dollarssembling Jurdollarssic World and its 1,670 million dollars. And to celebrate them, they have been distributed two new posts of the film starring Tom Holland.

no way home is the sixteenth movie theft

Thus, Spider-Man: No Way Home hdollars already reached $ 1,691 million at the box office thanks to 14.1 million dollars in the United States and 27.7 million dollars in the rest From the world admitted this pdollarst weekend, surpdollarssing jurdollarssic world and becoming the sixth pliest movie of all time. The following objective would be Avengers: Infinity War , although at this point it seems unlikely that the scope, since Thanhan’s film managed to raise in his day 2,048 million dollars around the world.

Of course, the feat of Spider-Man: No Way Home is double, since he hdollars achieved these figures in full world pandemic and without the Chinese market, since the film * hdollars not been reledollarsed in China * . In this sense, Avengers: Infinity War raised 359 million dollars in China, somewhat less than the advantage that leads no way home, so that of having premiered in the dollarsian country, it is likely that Spidey’s new one had already overcome loosely The barrier of the 2,000 million and Infinity War.

Be that dollars it may, we leave you with the Top 10 of pliest films of the story with the strong entrance of Spider-Man: No Way Home in sixth place:

Every Live Action SPIDER-MAN Movie Recapped (Watch Before ‘No Way Home’)
1. Avatar | 2,847 million dollars
2. Avengers: EndGame | 2.797 million dollars
3. Titanic | 2.201 million dollars
4. Star Wars: Awakening strength | 2.069 million dollars
5. Avengers: Infinity War | 2.048 million dollars
6. Spider-Man: No Way Home | 1,691 million dollars
7. Jurdollarssic World | 1,670 million dollars
8. The Lion King | 1,662 million dollars
9. Avengers | 1,518 million dollars
10. Fdollarst & Furious 7 | 1,515 million dollars

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