Cacao Games, Mobile Action RPG World Flipper Half Anniversary

Cacao Games (Representative Jose) said it was a “Half Anniversary” event in a new mobile action RPG ‘World Flipper’, a new Mobile Action RPG ‘World Flipper’, which is jointly developed by Cytail, a Saemo Games (Representative Watanabe Koichi) and Sa Gamsz’s subsidiaries.

In the ‘Half Anniversary’ event, you can see a new story ‘false doll princess’ on the event of a high performance period and mission compensation.

First, a variety of compensations such as ‘Sung Sook-seok’ and a large amount of experience, mana, and other reimbursement from 12th to 28th to 28th. Users can only receive a lot of “1,500 Castle Seans” and a large amount of character growth, and all event benefits can be benefited from each day and “Half Annieberry” campaign mission.

In addition, it is popular among users from the 21st to the high-performance character ‘★ 5 [Festivals of the Festival’s Univ., Two character characters, a three-star character can be obtained during an event period. ‘★ 5 [Festive Girls’ Watch Neff Team]’ can be seen in a libertated pick-up event that will be held on the 21st.

World Flipper Half Anniversary Confirmed!!! SO MANY GOOD THINGS, THANK YOU KAKAO

In addition, the new story event ‘false doll princess’ is opened until 26th. Users can receive the ‘token BOX’ as a ‘token’, which is provided every time you clear the story stage, you can receive a limited character ‘★ 4 [Doll Princess Prica] and the event limited equipment items and various foster items.

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