Mikel Merino: At BVB we were not friends

Mikel Merino has looked back at his unfortunate time at Borussia Dortmund and drawn a gravy conclusion. For the Spaniard it did not fit in several ways at the BVB.

Although he was in the season 2016/17 DFB Cup winner, Mikel Merino has no really good memories of his commitment to Borussia Dortmund. Among other things, this was that he was not on a wavelength with the former coach Thomas Tuchel in athlete.

“Sometimes not trusting your skills,” Merino looked back in the “Dortmund Image” back to his first year in black and yellow. Under Tuchel got the central midfielder, who came in the summer of 2016 for 3.75 million euros from Ca Osasuna, hardly a chance, was awarded in the second year at Newcastle United.

Finally, 2018 was on Real Sociedad for him. Merino flourished in Spain. “My current coach Imanol Alguacil left me immediately, gives me like the entire team affection and trust”, compared to the Spanish international Alguacil with Tuchel and added praising: “With his paternal nature, he has maximum influence on my development.”

Despite everything, he was “proud” on his “stage” at Borussia Dortmund, as Merino described the learning phase in BVB. “She helped me where I am now,” the Spaniard was pleased and added, “But of course I would have liked more chances.”

Merino: At BVB there were “different life species”

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But not only athletic did not agree with Merino, even within the team, another climate prevailed as the Real Sociedad from San Sebastián, where the Midfielmann as an absolute power carrier rise. “In Dortmund we also had a good group, but here we are friends,” emphasized Merino.

“Many play and live since youth, do a lot together like movie evenings or coffee laps after training,” the 25-year-old gave a few examples. “At BVB, there were also different types of life through the different cultures. That was different.”

Real Sociedad’s Dortmunds director Roberto Olabe explained in the “Dortmund Image”, why it runs so well at Merino and put a small side wire towards BVB: “We believe in different rapid mature processes, have less hurry than greater clubs with a lot of pressure. That’s why If we do not use potential like a handkerchief, do not throw it away because it was already used. “

With the club from La Leaga, “the players are not born on shoulders by the city when it runs, nor banged, if not,” Olabe added. “Here, instead of wild nightlife, there is peace and love of the fans. The converts pressure in energy to evolve.”

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