Space Combat ADV “Chorus” Integrating and harmony with contradictory deprivation-There is a luxurious offer [Developer interview]

Based in Austria and Germany and is famous as a game publisher, it is “ KOCH MEDIA “, but even if there is a pin, there is a “ DEEP SILVER ” that is also a part of the company. Aren’t there any readers who know…

It is the company with the Publisher’s face, but from December 4, 2012 “Deep Silver Fishlabs” Space Combat ADV “ CHORUS ” has been released for PC.

This time, GAME * SPARK interviewed Deep Silver Fishlabs’s Studio Creative Director of Deep Silver Fishlabs on the same work, DEEP Silver Fishlabs’s Studio Creative Director, DEEP Silver Fishlabs.

※ Xbox ONE / Xbox Series X | S / PC (Steam, Epic Games Store) version is an update for mid-March, and will be compatible with Japanese.

# How to differentiate from the past genealogy, “chorus”

ー Please tell me how to produce this work. FishLab is a development team known in the open world space combat title before joining a Deep Silver group, but is there a impact?

Malek Belephonea (hereinafter Maleku) Deep Silver is a series of major reasons why Hamburg’s FishLabs studio is a series of “ Galaxy On Fire ” series, and subsequent projects are also born from this genealogy. On the other hand, the majority of the staff who were involved in the “GOF” series have been retired for several years, so when you start “Chorus”, you can use a proven part in past work At the same time, we now see how to differentiate. **

This time the measure console machine is also targeted for another reason, A full-fledged atmosphere, and a short game play that was required to be interested .

By this background, it was possible to cut a good start and a safe attempt.

-Please tell us about the basic game configuration and progression of our work.

Male is a main character, and it is a story of Nara, a battle of combat pilot. In the early morning of her game, she sends her excretion life for her brutal sin, and he repents her own way while denying all things that tie her past and herself. I’m trying to This means that the game system in the early stage is somewhat limited, and the nara will take a step from the shadow and take a time to increase the things you can gradually.

After that, Nara will reunite her buddy, Four Seikun with her artificial intelligence, and finally you can get her own super power. This supercapure shall form a framework of her combat means, along with the fighter upgrade system in collaboration with her conventional weapons.

The lastmost Nara jumps around the battlefield, the space-time is distorted, the bullet, the laser, and the missile are swinged in all directions and rushing between the enemy aircraft like a train-Fosseikun and synchronized Evolution to the raw weapons I will. Since the vitality of this experience is enthusiastic action & movement, the player who mastered these will be able to get a sense or excitement in the vortex in any combat situation. **

ー Woman What is the reason for adopting the protagonist? Nara’s personality in the played range was a soldier who suffered from the past battlefield trauma, and there was no reason for which gender, but there are some deep ideas?

Malek The reason is not something that is not due to gender, and it was in the question of how to draw contrast. This is actually expressed in the game in the optimal form. In the process of drawing the details of the trauma that Nara draws the view of “Chorus”, we clearly distinguished many factors by contrasting. Among them, I think it was especially symbolic that the woman was the main character.

She is not able to put out the voice in the early stages, but I am dealing with trauma by doing her chicks and sympathy in her heart. In other words, she represents that she is a woman who can solve the problem from the inner surface, taking advantage of her its own inner strength.

The root is the issue of integrating and combining the game by compassing the entire game. ** This is also a reason for putting Four Seikun as a partner. Nara and Four Seykun had also collided, but eventually harmonized in a very positive form and calm.

-Unlike the general open world space combat titles, it is because it felt that there is a single “buddy” about the ship to be steered.

The relationship with Malkforceken is the core of the whole game story, and it can be said that both are the main characters in view of the broad perspective. I was able to make multiple “fellows”, but that would have become a different story. Also, from the viewpoint of the weight of the game and the weight of production, there was a wall that could not be crossed when considering the size of the team and the development period.

ー It is common in the general open world’s space combat titles, and many of the activities that can be done, and the many activities that can be done are attracted, but in this work, do not take such a style, Why is it a configuration centered on the subquests that can be done in various places?

Malek We did not want to make things of the simulation, including survival and crafts. These are essentially interesting elements, but we were the most important of flight and action. Because I wanted to incorporate speed and quick sense of operation, the factor that decelerated was the opposite of our goal. Also, if you have prepared an interactive mini game to all places where spotlights do not hit, the gameplay will be divided by its sudden presence.

On the other hand, a subquest, especially for anything that is completely optional, it is an element that can rich the world view of the game and loosen the tempo in a natural way. I think this is not available for other elements. Also, each player can choose by yourself whether the subquest is working. This was the direction of our way.

ー 本 The battle balance of this work is quite a “Seoul Like” chick. Please tell me the reason for this.

As Malk technology was aiming for an arcade action that is important to see, it was considered to be simple and friendly as a nucleus of the battlefield. “Learning to learn but difficult to master” is a very usable word, but if you understand this true meaning, you will surely like “Chorus”.

In order to enjoy the battle well, you need to learn some core mechanisms. Then you should be able to make numerous movements, abilities and interactions naturally. It is possible to master perfectly but it is not easy. Mastering a number of operations is not required to clear the game, but if possible, it will reach almost non-invoice area and you can get a very satisfaction.

When you feel that the degree of difficulty suddenly has risen during play, you must have elements and capabilities that you are not mastered. Such a rise in difficulty is prepared to try the player’s skills. Since then, the aspect where you need skilled skills is awaited.

On the other hand, players that feel difficult for default settings can also reduce the degree of difficulty.

-Please tell me as much as possible for the most exciting dogfight sequence to enjoy in this work.

It is a difficult question to answer without Malekonetabare. If you want to stay and meet as much as possible, the fleet battle that makes a lot of small and medium and medium and small fighters fight with each other is the most spectacular scene. Under bombardment, confusion, explosion, Nara jumps around with a hunting goddess in space, and makes her enemies one acting exhaustive.

# World View and Configuration-Transfer the Submit and Black Magical Stage to the Universe?

-The characteristic of the game part of this work is the super capability of a fearful snarish that can be done to the short-distance quantum warp as a short-distance quantum warp such as the main character of the famous robot animation. Where did this idea come out?

Marec, of course, many of the ideas have roots similar to past works 🙂

In our case, these super-powered ideas were born focusing on how the person blessed with talented people could take advantage of the space combat.

Based on the examples of super power and black magic to appear in the famous story we know, we considered how these were expressed if the stage is moved. What do we feel when “semi-sect” is “semijimo” in a scenario like this work? When.

A universe that is more difficult to use, but also a variety of energy-based awareness, the existence itself, which is not a high-tech machine, a flow of energy, but also a space that can be used as one of the talents, but. Ideas have been born from these things.

-Please let me know if you have a story of the story and emotion that you want to feel through this work, and you want to enjoy.

It is worth experiencing about the development of the relationship between Marakenara and Four Seikun, and I think that it will be a nucleus that understands the story of the game that it is what the Four Seikun is. Of course, I think it is a part that is in contrast to her appearance of her early, and the appearance of her selfishness is in contrast to her appearance of her.

ー Please comment on readers who read this item.

Marek This work is not for us, but for everyone who read this article. We can develop such a game only because you have every1. The entire team poured and sweating with lots of time and sweating, making this work. I am honored to be 1 minute 1 second that you spend in our developed game.

Thank you to Gamer, community, and friends of Deep Silver Fishlabs 🙂

–thank you!

“Chorus” is distributed for PS5 / PS4 (PS Store, Amazon) / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S / PC (Steam, Epic Games Store). The price is 4,380 yen (tax included), and the consumer download version is 4,378 yen (tax included), Package version for PS5 / PS4 is 3,980 yen. Also, PS5 / PS4 version will correspond to Japanese according to the delivery of February 10.

※ Xbox ONE / Xbox Series X | S / PC (Steam, Epic Games Store) version is an update for mid-March, and will be compatible with Japanese.

# Consumer version release commemoration! Conduct a present campaign

CHORUS ” Commemorative to release the consumer version, follow the target account within the campaign period, and receive the “Chorus” PS4 version code for one person from those who retweeted! Please apply by all means!

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