“Rainbow Six Seas” Short Movie “Sisters in Arms” -Poland Whats after the death of the sister ELA and Zofia and the father of Zofia …

Euby Isofu has released a cinematic trailer entitled “Sisters in Arms” “Rainbow Six Seas” .

This trailer is focused on Operator Zofia (Zofia Bossac) and ELA (Els Vieta Bossac) sisters from Poland. Polish Special Forces GROM’s commander Jean Bossac is born as a father as a father, and sisters with a past that withstand severe training. The sister then walks a separate path once and will be enrolled in the special unit GROM again.

In the trailer, such sisters cooperate and defeat the enemy, while the sisters are seen, the sisters also have a tension scene that shots a gun at a close distance. In addition, you can see the death and sisters of the father Jean Bossac, which had a great influence on the sister, and you can see the depiction that the sisters are trapped in their existence after the father’s death. The less than 4 minutes trailer incorporated in these are powerful.

New operators will also appear “Rainbow Six Seas” YEAR7 Season 1 “Demon Veil” will be announced on Twitch from 0:30 on February 20, 2010.

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