Thanks to its Easter Eggs, Dying Light 2 is a role model for Open World

I love to discover things in video games with whom I have not expected so at all that surprise me. This can be cool plot twists, such as in the Bioshock series. Or hidden areas, such as Aschesee or the Painted World from Dark Souls. But also really cool and creative Easter Eggs.

While, for example, references to old games of the studio in Naughty Dog games are always very nice, I had to laugh at the talking weapon from Borderlands 2 laugh – Generally Gearbox make a fantastic job in all the pop cultural allusions – Techland in Dying Light 2 Play with the virtual “Easter eggs” still a whole piece. As I find, absolutely exemplary for an Open World game.

Dennis Michel
@ Demig0Rgon

Dennis is hoped for the game-Test dozens of hours across the rooftops of Villedors, has made countless infected one head shorter and was truly not disappointed by the Open World Game. Unfortunately, he has also discovered a lot of potential, which was unused between the ruins of the Posta Pokalyptic metropolis. To discover more secrets and for cool post-release content, he likes to return to the action game.

from Darth Vader to Cyberpunk 2077

If you have followed the game News on Dying Light 2 in the past few days, you are sure about all kinds of curiosities for action game stumbled – if not, at this point by the way, a spoiler warning , you want to discover all this yourself.

Suitable for the publication of Cyberpunk Update 1.5 made the cool mantisklingen into the zombie adventure. You know the two armchards from the very first trailer to CD project action role play. With the things, you should not necessarily put the end boss because of your rather low damage, but for a low budget cyberpunk cosplay, they are all.

Which was very pleased with the Star Wars fan in me, another cool Easter Egg, which as the sounds also affects the gameplay: because yes, the famous power grip Aka Force Choke Vaders also made it into the game. And not only that: Techland connects the weapon even with an Easter Egg from Doom. As you yourself become too Luke’s father and kombies settled in the Sith-style, colleague David has written down in his news.

Hidden Video Game Details #71 (Dying Light 2, Cyberpunk 2077, Fortnite & More)

And if you think now, that’s it? Wrong thought. In a challenge you float into the future-manner with a hoverboard by Villedor. During a secondary mission, she meets Chris Redfield from Resident Evil, which you can even neatly cunning. And because Dying Light 2 is only a good two weeks old, I’m pretty sure that there are still a lot of cool surprises in the game on us. Incidentally, you have discovered more even more in the comments.

Easter Eggs are not merely small gimmicks

One or the other may say now that the above-mentioned Easter Eggs are nice, but a game on no new level raise. Of course, you do not make a masterpiece from a bad game. However, in a good game like Dying Light 2, they ensure that I take the game world in addition to the “process” of quests exactly under the magnifying glass, awaken my discoverer and give the certain something. The special thing, whereby a game remains in memory.

I had so much joy over the roofs and the powerful combat system, as much as I have rendered in my test about Aiden, the further course of the main story and all the missed opportunities – it was the little surprises, the Dying Light 2 a special Have greeted space in my gambling heart.

Especially future open World titles should take an example of the zombie adventure and breaks out creatively in Easter Eggs. Of course, the atmosphere and the mood of the game should not suffer from it. Since the days elden ring is pending for me, I’m already very curious whether from software may have installed one or the other Easter Egg in the game.

What do you mean Easter Eggs in games? Nice gimmick or are you far more for you?

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