“A launch weapon 14 kinds” & armor “Kurobi series” etc. are presented. “Monster Hunters Rise” for free delivery for beginner support equipment for Beginner Support Equipment for Free Delivery!

Nintendo SwitchTM / STeam (R) “Monster Hunter Rise” was delivered on February 24, 2022 (Thu), which supports capture. A village quest and equipment that supports hunting of a meeting place lower quest is presented.

Nintendo SwitchTM / Steam (R) “Monster Hunter Chanterization”, equipment that supports capture is delivered on February 24, 2022 (Thursday). We will give you an equipment that supports the village quests and hunting of the retrospective location quest.

While brushing hunting techniques with these equipment, understand the material of monsters and understand the behavior of monsters, you can get equipment and strengthen equipment, and combine the trigger skills, etc. !

# Equipment to support beginners once!

For super large expansion content “Monster Hunter’s Chanterize: Sunbraek” scheduled to be released in summer of 2022, the person who is played “Monster Hunter Chanterize” and the weapon that supports people who just started, Prepare the armor “Kurobi series” and “skilled protection” as free download content on Thursday, February 24.

“Kurobi series” can also be received simultaneously with “overlay wearing” that can only change the appearance of the equipment.

Nintendo Switch Version and Steam (R) version “Monster Hunter Chanter” are scheduled to be updated (Ver. 3.9) on Thursday, February 24. The Steam (R) version is scheduled to synchronize the delivery content with the Nintendo Switch version after Ver. 3.9.
※ After updating to Ver. 3.9, “Senior of the postal shop”, “14 kinds of ruling weapons” “Cro Obi series” and “skilled spoofing” can be received.
※ Update can be changed such as delivery date.

# “14 kinds of ruling weapons” with all weapon species

It supports an early quest with high attack power.

It is possible to enhance the game. Let’s advance hunting up to the top!

# Armor “Kurobi Series”

A powerful armor “Kurobi series” that helps hunting appears. High defense supports an early quest.
5 Total Defense When Equipment Equipment: 150 (maximum strengthening: 180)

Multiple skills that increase the attack power and the skills that increase the amount of recovery at the time of using items, and the skills to reduce monsters, such as skills, such as hunting. In addition, laying equipment can be received at the same time.

# Pureness “Skilled Forehead”

Equipped with sexual stones that help hunt, we will challenge monsters.

# February 24 (Thu) In addition to the “Cro Ooba Series” scheduled to be delivered, the Guild Cross Series, which is good at collecting, is currently being delivered with additional content. Use additional content for these beginner support to advance hunting up to the top!

# # Free delivery

“Guild Cross Series”, which makes multiple skills that can be obtained with more ore, and skills that make stamina easier to maintain
· Head equipment “Guild Cross Access”
· Equipment equipment “Guild Cross suit”
· Arm equipment “Guild Cross Arm”
· Heart equipment “Guild Cross Coil”
· Leg equipment “Guild Cross Boots”

Field search Comfortable Skills Activated
· “House of House”

# # February 24 (Thu) Delivery Scheduled Free Download Content

“Kurobi series” which makes multiple skills that help hunting such as the attack power rise
· Head Equipment “Kurobo Helm”
· Equipment equipment “Kuro Vimail”
· Arm equipment “Kuroibiam”
· Ha waist equipment “Cro Oobicoy”
· Leg equipment “Kurobigleev”

Objective Operate, which helps hunt for hunting, such as a large increase in recovery when using items
· “Skilled protection”

Support for early hunting with high attack power
· “15 conservative weapons”

How to Download

You can receive from the menu “Additional Content” in the “postal room” of the village of Kamura.
※ Download content is available, and Internet communication play must be updated to the latest version.

# Super large expansion content “Monster Hunter Lise: Sunbrae”, released in summer of 2022!

Super large extended content “Monster Hunter Chanterization: Sun Break” of “Monster Hunter Chanterize” is released in summer of 2022.

A large number of new stories and master rank quests, noble fields, monsters, and unexpected actions, and more options to enjoy “monster hunter rising”.

You can enjoy the various elements added from “Sunbreak” by clearing the “Monster Hunter Rise” “Meeting Office Quest ★ 7 Thunder God”.

Please look forward to “Monster Hunter Chanterization: Sunbraek” scheduled to be released in summer of 2022!

# Product information

Monster hunterization

Now On Sale

Platform: Nintendo Switch / Steam (R) Genre: Hunting Action Play Number of People: 1 Person (Maximum 4) CERO: C (Target for 15+)

※ The screen is the Nintendo Switch version.
※ If you want to connect to the Internet in the Nintendo Switch version and play cooperative players, you need to subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online (for a fee).
※ Nintendo Switch is a trademark of Nintendo.
※ Cross play cross save between platforms is non-compliant.
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