MetaCraft, Digital Content 2022 Roadmap for Road Map for Reinforce IP

MetaCraft (representative Yuan Yu) announced on the 21st that it revealed a 2022 road map to strengthen digital content IP such as its own web novel.

MetaCraft has a universal system, unlike existing settlement systems in its own web novel platform ‘Nobel Phu’, which has 25,000 web novel IP and 1,5,000 writers to pay the inquiry acceptance of the inquiry acceptance.

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In particular, writers who have first served for the first year of service have also created a significant revenue of W300,000 and earned a significant revenue of the first month, and they have been granted as a means of new permissions.

As a result, it is recognized as a rising star that attracts a web novel market by attracting a number of 900,000 members to achieving about 900,000 members in one year, and attracting a growth potential and attracting a series A in 4.5 billion won.

As a result, methacraft plans to grow with writers by disclosing a rodemap for securing new IP and enhancing IP power in 2022.

First, to ensure the profitability of the artists, the inquiry allowance amounts are increased. Over the past year, the amount settled to writers will be $ 7.3 billion, and will be increased to 20 billion this year.

In addition, we will select a work that is likely to grow regardless of the writer career, and we plan to strengthen the IP power, enhance the IP power, and strengthen IP power, as well as video, overseas translation and audio book.

In addition to this, it is a policy to maximize the profitability of Nobel Pia’s popular works. Existing fans show new charms with IP, and to new user layers to new user layers are the goal of making the game itself to lead the game itself and lead to profits.

MetaCraft Kim Hee Kyung is a very large assistant assistance of the writers that the Nobel Pia grows. In the future, Nobel Pia will not be able to save more investments and promotions to increase the interests of the writers. ” We are going to grow upgrading. “

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