Movie “Anchated” All US weekend championship income is about 5 billion yen! Record 4th in game movie history

All US weekend accessories from the movie “ Anchated ” provided by Sony Pictures reached approximately $ 44 million (approximately 5 billion yen).

This work is a live-action movie based on the game “Uncharted” with the total number of sales sales over 41.7 million in the world. Treasure Hunter’s Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) explores the $ 5 billion treasures with his peer’s Sally (Mark Wallburg).

According to the movie box office analysis site Box Office Mojo, this work raises about $ 44 million (approximately 5 billion yen) from 18th to 20th, which is the released date, and today $ 51 million (approximately 60 It is expected to grow up to 100 million yen.

The Movie Comentator Eric Davis cited the data of the same site and introduces that it is a US-weekend accessory income of “4th place in the game film history”. It is said that “Sonic The Movie ($ 58 million)” “Detective Pikachu ($ 54 million)” “Tomrader ($ 47 million)” is a record. While the movie database IMDB is evaluated to 6.5 / 10, the first place of revenue is evaluated as 6.5 / 10, and this work is evaluated to 6.7 / 10, and it seems that the response from the fans is not bad.

In addition, in Japan, this work is being released from the same day, but the weekend champointment income in Japan is approximately 1.8 billion yen (approximately 1.5 million dollars).

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