Sum Age, Crowse Steam NeXT Fest Period Test

The Sum-Age (Representative of Park Hong-Soo) said the PC Open World Shooting Game ‘Crowz’ announced on the 21st that it will proceed public testing during the ‘Steam Nex Fest’ period from 21st.

This test is released through the Steam Next Fest from 21 to 28th, and anyone over 18 years of age can be downloaded and downloaded.

Especially after this test, participating in the questionnaire will also paid a t-shirt item in the game that can be used in the formal version, and also offers the opportunity to preempt the nickname.

In addition, during the open test period, the event is performed through the stream live, finding the developer in the game, and registers the screenshot on the SNS to present ‘Welcome Kit’.

In this test, a ‘selenal valley’ map of Bloodzone, which is divided into a “Blu Wal” map of a squad operation that combines four components and two camps, is opened.

Steam Next Fest February 21-28, 2022
‘Squad operation’ is a mode that gathers ‘Q-ON’, a key to the game worldview, and ‘Blur Drop’ is a large-scale occupation, reaching a specific score, or when the period of time, do.

In addition, we can experience the cache point freely to freely use the various content during the public test period to experience the weapon and the inorganic versions that appear in the commercial version.

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