Plants vs zombies: Revue Battle for Neighborville – The third time is always a charm

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville - All Medals! (Weirding Woods)
Plants VS Zombies: Garden Warfare was an experience of taking the original Tower Defense phone game from Popcap (a game I was playing obsessively) and introduce it into a triple-a frame, merging it with mechanics Bags. And for the moment, it worked. You may think this game has not come out for a while? Well yes and no. Published initially for the first time in September, Battle for Neighborville is officially released this week with all its content and price has increased slightly to reflect it.

If you played the first two entries in this series, Plants VS Zombies: Battle for Neighborville will seem very familiar to you. You can play as a plant or zombie and as a class among the many classes of this team. Similar to Overwatch, the characters are grouped through attackers, defenders and support. Each character takes his own turn on their respective archetype. Lemon (an orange rolling with sunglasses) uses a shield to cover its allies while allowing them to shoot through (a movement that comes out of the overwatch), while the sunflower is your classic healer, using rays using rays healing and throwing health points.

Some new plants and zombies also appear. My favorite is the night cap, a tiny ninja mushrooms that can hide and ambush the enemies before falling in the shadows. On the zombie forehead, the old favorites are back, in addition to some new to mix it. The hero of the 80s, Action Hero, has an arc and a murderer hairstyle, while the Space Cadet flies over his UFO and wreaks some of the enemies with his laser.

Multiplayer mode contains old personalities like Garden / Graveyard Ops, which is Horde Cooperative mode. Turf Wars who has goals like pushing the trolley or defend a place. And if you just want to kill zombies, the classic versions of the team’s death match are also available.

The action is frenetic and fun. The variety of plants and zombies at your disposal prevents mats from stagnate because you can change death in any other class to counter your enemies. Although it may be a little difficult at the beginning of trying to know who does what, the game resumes its style with vigor such that it is never frustrating to be shot at a cactus.

There is also a solo mode for plants and zombies. These campaigns consist of quests in some areas where you can unblock more cosmetics. Although the writing is funny, I found these modes a little dry for a solo race. Most quests consist of going here, killing something or collecting an object and get back to the quest donor to get more. While I was trying to complete an area, I quickly understand that I preferred to play with teammates.

In light of the recent upheavals of EA around booty boxes, you will be surprised (and also delighted) to learn that the game is very light on the microtransactions. Although you always get objects to unlock via a mechanism similar to that of a crate, these objects are aesthetic and can not be purchased with real money. You use pieces you get by doing, well, everything to unlock them and the price of the rooms is always the same.

This is a kind of battle but it is neither blatant nor necessary. The game is absent when it comes to the usual dark side of EA’s portfolio acquisition cards. It’s just a game with a lot of things to unlock and you will continue to unlock the more you play. As simple as that. For once.

With the many unique classes, the artistic style, humor and refinement put forward by popcap, plants against zombies: the battle of Neighborville culminates in a great moment. You will lose hours explode embarrassing plants or ridiculous zombies as your favorite characters. This is the third participation of the series, but it still manages to stay fresh enough to welcome veterans and new players. If you like weird shooters with a sense of humor, it’s the best time to intervene and find out what Crazy Dave.

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