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Update on Feb. 21, 2022: Have you not yet fed up with Deoxys? Good! For from February 22, 2022 from 10:00 am until 25 February 2022 at 10:00 Deoxys (defense form) appears in the Tier 5 raid of Pokémon Go , and can get hold of with happiness as Shiny will. By the way also means that Deoxys (defense form) is the legendary raid hours on 23 February 2022 the spotlight. Do you want to grab you a dazzling version? Then we have the Guide, the current best counter for the fight against Deoxys (defense form)!

  • Mega Gengar with Darkclaw and Spukball
  • mega Houndoom with dressing and parasites
  • Crypto Mewtwo with Psycho blade and Spukball
  • Crypto Weavile with dressing and parasites
  • Crypto Tyranitar with bite and Crunch
  • Mega Absol with dressing and sinister aura
  • Darkrai with dressing and Spukball
  • mega Gyarados with bite and Crunch
  • Giratina (original form) with Darkclaw and Spukball
  • Crypto Banette with Darkclaw and Spukball
  • Hoopa with Astonish and Spukball
  • Crypto Absol with dressing and sinister aura
  • Hoopa (Unleashed) with Astonish and Spukball
  • Skelabra with burden and Spukball
  • Crypto Pinsir with beetle bite and Cross Scissors

original message of 14 March 2019 The mysterious Pokémon Deoxys, the EX-raids has struck already in its normal form and in its form of attack in Pokémon Go will, from 25 March 2019 his defense form in the EX-Raids to appear. The Psycho-Pokémon then takes more damage from beetle, Unlicht- and mind attacks, but shares it stronger against fighting and Poison Pokémon – not your Machamp Army will you necessarily in the battle with Deoxys (defense form) Send,

Pokémon Go: Deoxys (defense form) as Raid Boss

Deoxys (defense form) than Raid Boss 36170 Health. If the Pokémon is not boosted by the weather, it has to level 20 WP values from 1228 to 1299. If Deoxys (defense form) caught in windy weather, it is on level 25 with WP values from 1535 to 1624, therefore. If foggy weather prevail, then you can battle with three high-level coaches with Level-40 Gengars with the attacks Schlecker and Spukball create. Is she prefers to play it safe, then you should Deoxys (defense form) with a team of four to nine high-level or ten to twenty tackle low-level coaches.

Deoxys (defense form) possible attacks are counter (type combat) and Zen Headbutt (Psychic-type) in the immediate attacks, and Psyschub (Psychic-type), Rock Slide (type soil) and Thunderbolt (type Electric) at the charging attacks. Partly cloudy weather boosts the damage of stone hail, clouds the damage done by counter, rainy weather the damage of Thunder lightning and windy weather the damage of Zen Headbutt and Psyschub. Puts her no value to a boosted by the weather Deoxys (defense form) (as mentioned in the wind), then accesses it best when it rains (your beetle attacks cause more damage) or in fog (spirit and Unlicht attacks cause more Damage on. The fight will be the most difficult in windy weather when Deoxys (defense form) then has Zen Headbutt and / or Psyschub.

The following Pokémon are considered for the fight against Deoxys (defense form) as the best Breakaway:

  • Gengar with the attacks Darkclaw / Schlecker and Spukball
  • Weavile with the attacks disclosure and parasites
  • Metwu with the attacks Psycho blade and Spukball
  • Kramchef with the attacks dressing and sinister aura
  • Banette with the attacks Darkclaw and Spukball
  • Tyranitar with the attacks bite and Crunch

Will you have your team, fill up, then you can also tend following attackers:

  • Deoxys (of attack) with the attacks Poison Jab and sinister aura
  • Absol with the attacks dressing and sinister aura
  • Sharpedo with the attacks bite and Crunch
  • Houndoom with the attacks dressing and parasites
  • Yanmega with the attacks beetle bite and Käfergebrumm
  • Pinsir with the attacks Fury Cutter and Cross Scissors
  • Scizor with the attacks Fury Cutter / beetle bite and Cross Scissors

You raise your chance of getting a EX-Raid pass when their correspondingly marked Pokémon Go arenas in parks visited and in raids in these arenas fights – a guarantee there’s not though! Furthermore, the you can invite friends to a Best EX-Raid. More information can be found also with the authors of Pokémon Go stroke.

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