Ghost Recon Breakpoint: How to Fix a drone that does not mark

Ghost recon breakpoint No drone No problem (Tutorial how to fix)
Your drone can not mark ghost Recon Breakpoint is a considerable disadvantage in the game. You will use this small practical device to sneak and mark enemies in your area. The more you use this little assistant, the more you will know about the immediate surroundings that you are about to invade. However, several players face the problem of the drone who does not successfully mark all he scans. Here are some methods for remedying it.

How to Repair Drone Do not Mark in the Ghost Recon Stitch

You have several ways to go about it. You will not be surprised by a handful of them, but if you encounter this problem, you want to start by trying the most obvious choices.

When you send your drone and start scanning enemies or weapon caches without anything so that you know you have a problem. To check, hold the drone visual over the object concerned for a few additional seconds. If it does not work, you are buggy. You will want to restart the game from there and come back to the place where you left it. If you try again, and the problem persists, restart the game and your platform to perform a complete power cycle. Start the game and try again.

A handful of players on Reddd said the problem they went a little further than that. They had to do unique tests for the drone to work again. For example, some had to change class on a bivouac, then use the dr1. Changing class can work, but it will not be the exact solution.

Change class, use different weapons, use a quick displacement point to get to a new location could start everything again and help you. For those who continue to meet the problem, contact Ubisoft on their support page. Despite the widespread nature of the problem, the development team does not seem to talk about it or find a solid solution.

We hope you will appreciate _Point stop, _ regardless of any problem. Make sure you check our review to see what we thought of the last title of Ubisoft.

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