Neymar thinks of the MLS and does not look at the World Cup 2026

The Brazilian, who had become old on February 5, 30, said, “I do not know if I will go back to Brazil to play. Sometimes I feel like it, sometimes not. However, I have great desire to play in the US. For at least one season. The championship is short, you have three to four months vacation, so you can last longer. “

The TRUTH Behind Neymar's RETIREMENT After World Cup 2022 [EMOTIONAL]

He wanted to play, as long as he has allowed him his head, Neymar said and led: “Physically I believe me for a few more years, but the head must be good too… I have not (age) limit. I set Have a contract with Paris until I am 34 years old, so I will play until then. “

Neymar already indicated mental reasons

In October 2021 he had already announced that he thinks, with then “only” 34 years did not participate in the World Cup 2026. The player of PSG had told Dazn at that time, he did not know if he would be a further World Championship “Mental”. These statements suggest that Neymar might be employed for a change in the MLS in the summer of 2026 and could be resigned from the Brazilian national team until then.

The Netflix Document published in mid-January “Neymar: The perfect chaos” lets you look through that Neymar cosmos revolves more about financial profit than footballing awards and trophies. At him, the company “Nr Sport” takes care of him as a brand, his media performances and his management. His father Neymar, who also heard the company, revealed in the documentary: “2010 Neymar has taken $ 500,000 salvation and we earned eleven million dollars. I got 20 times more in one year as Neymar with football matches.”

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