Xbox Boss makes fun of the new Games of War Studio

The coalition is one of the most beloved developers in Xbox, but the study has been mainly quiet in recent years. However, it seems that the Gears of War team is working hard on “several unannounced projects”. That information was revealed by the General Manager of Marketing of Xbox, Aaron Greenberg, during an event for fanatics in Bogotá, Colombia. While Greenberg did not give more details about what the study is working next, he took the time to praise the skills of The Coomition with Unreal Engine, and also revealed that the team collaborated in last year. _Matrix wake up.

For those who are not familiar with _MATRIX wake up, it was a technical demonstration launched by Epic Games. Although the demonstration did not offer much in terms of real gameplay, he acted as a showcase of the abilities of Unreal Engine 5. The highlight of the demonstration was an incredible sequence of cars that was awesome on Xbox series X. Experience of The Coomition with the engine and that particular demonstration is something that looks like a good omen for future developer releases!

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The coalition was founded in 2010 and took over the development of Games of War in 2015, after the acquisition of the Microsoft series. Since then, the study has focused exclusively on the franchise. The last complete game launched by The Coalition was Engagement 5 that debuted on the Xbox platforms in 2019, although the study also helped with Theware of gear in 2020. We know that The Coalition is working on Engagement 6, and previous rumors have suggested that the team He is also working on a new IP. Greenberg’s comments seem to give credit to those rumors, and it will be very interesting to see what the team has reserved.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to say how long the fans will wait for more information. With luck, Xbox will have something to show in the near future, but for now, fans will only have to wait patiently!

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