Destroy the Skeleton Corps with magic and trap! Dot picture 2D Tower Defense “Bones and Magic” Early access started at STeam from July 2

Wave Based Attacks - Tower Defense Tutorial #2
Jolu Games worked by Junes Games, dot picture 2D Tower Defense “ Bones and Magic ” started early access at STeam from July 2nd.

This work is a hardcore tower defense game with a lovely dot picture world. The player creates a variety of traps and places a variety of traps using a magic cane and blocks enemy intrusions. Get “ Crystal ” from the defeated enemy and purchase and upgrade new traps. In addition, let’s choose either “fire attribute” or “light attribute” magic, burn the enemy Skeleton corps, make an electric shock, and do it in a barbara.

As a feature of this work, it seems that various elements can be experienced such as various combinations of maps, different types of tower and traps, tower and traps, abundant upgrade systems, magic attack means.

The early access period will be about one year from the release of July 2nd. As a reason, the developer Junes Games is currently doing the game development and says, “I want the player to experience gameplay as fast as possible, and have a higher level, and I want to enjoy it more.” increase. In addition, in the product version, we plan to implement more magic, tower, traps, and maps from early access, and the sales price seems to rise a little.

“Bones and Magic” is scheduled to start early access at STeam from July 2nd.

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