Elden Ring: New update for PC and PS5 is there, fix performance

For Elden Ring, the update 1.02.1 is available for download. The patch since the past weekend plays mainly optimizations for the PS5 and PC version of the new action roleplay. As shown in the Patch Notes published by Twitter, the update to PC fixes startup problems, which were related to Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC). In addition, the mouse sensitivity was improved. Also at charging behavior screws the makers. Accordingly, less data in the background must be loaded when entering a new area than before.

Elden Ring Review Patch 1.021 Brings Terrible Performance

Sudden crashes on PS5

Especially on PS5, the Elden Ring Update 1.02.1 goes on a bug that could lead to an unexpected program end beforehand. After the patch download, it should therefore lead to fewer sudden game crashes. Previously, the developers had communicated which construction sites they want to tackle in upcoming updates. Among other things, they want to further improve performance.

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Tips for better performance

For the launch, especially PC players had framerate drops and other performance problems at Elden Ring (Buy Now 53.99 € / 50.99 €) reported. First, from software recommends all PC players to update the graphics card drivers to the current version. Further tips and solutions for a better performance of Elden Ring on PC had already developed the community. We hold gameplay tips for an optimal game start at ELDEN RING under this link. In our test to Elden Ring, you again read how well the new work of Dark Souls creators has become.

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