How to defeat the cemetery shadow in Elden Ring?

Cemetery shadow is a boss with which you may encounter in the catacombs of the tombs and catacombs of a black knife. Victory over the shadow anywhere gives you a powerful spiritual appeal.

The cemetery shadow uses quick light attacks to crush you, and will also disappear and will appear before you if you go too far. For long-combat users and magic, this fight may be a bit difficult, but for melee users it should not be too difficult if you can read their movements.

Shadow weak to magic and does not get resistance in the second phase of the battle. Applying enough damage, the shadow will appear and disappear faster and attack a large number of attacks and combo out of five blows.

Elden Ring - Black Knife Catacombs - Cemetery Shade Boss Fight
The appeal of perfume always facilitates the battle, but the most effective appeal to the ashes with several spirits. Wolves or any group of skeletons will be able to apply a big damage. Since the shadow usually focuses on one enemy for attacks, perfume can either pull the agro, or damage until you block or evaporate from attacks.

For the victory over the Cemetery Shade in the Tombsward catacombs you will receive Lhutel The Headless Ashes, and for the victory over it in Black Knife Catacombs you will reward yourself twinsage sorcerer ashes.

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