As part of the mission “The Berserker’s Trust”, one of the Berserkers for which you can do some missions is Thorhild, a cultivator responsible for the seedlings. She is not the best person, but her missions are quite easy and offer some solid XP and even an achievement. Here you explain how to complete the mission of Thorhild growers and unlock the achievement “pass A38” !

Tools for growers

To begin, you should chat with Thorhild to see what she needs. She will inform you that they need tools and that you talk to the Blacksmith Berserker to make them manufacture. Go to Lasse in the forge on the northeast side of the fort. Tell him that he needs to make tools, and that Thorhild is demanding and he will accept reluctantly to do the work, but in exchange for two things: time and iron. You will have two options to forge, none of which really matter in the general scheme, so choose the one you think is better!

If you already have 25 iron (easy if you already did the scrappy mission, gas in the mine), can you give it to him now and then return with Thorhild to warn him. You can tell you that you had expenses, but she will not like that and you will only get 20 fragments, so it’s probably not even worth asking if you’re going through low destruction.

Incompetent workers

However, Thorhild has another task for you: Some of the growers have gone and she wants them to bring back. There is only one place where you will find them: Chloe’s Bar on the south side of the fort. You are looking for Butch in the back. Go ahead, she talks to him and he will tell you that she wants more fragments before returning to work.

You can talk to Thorhild about this, and you can pay 2,000 fragments on your own or return to The Fort to convince Fenris to give Thorhild more fragments for her people. However, Fenris does not have them, and she sends you to Tilas, who sends you to the assistant of him Raik.

How to get the achievement PASS A38 and complete Thorhild growers: Raik’s solution

You will find Raik in the Taberna de Chloe, he will pay you 150 fragments and then he will say it is an initial payment for the idea of ​​him to solve the problem, but you will have to go back. Go to the cabin outside and on the left, and sleep until the morning, then talk to Raik again. He will ask you to follow him outside, where you will have to fight against a outlaw.

Once you defeat the outlaw, find Raik nearby and tell him to leave and never come back. Talking again with tiles, he will let you know that Thorhild can stay with Raik’s part, so give him the good news. Notice Butch and return to Thorhild, where he will ask for advice and then let Fenris know that you helped her. You will also unlock the achievement “Pass A38” for making Raik renounce the salary of him.

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