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The new Steam Deck from Valve was launched at the end of February 2022, to the joy of many gamers who were waiting for a portable console for quite a long time. Many are now alarmed, finding that even a week after the launch, the console is experiencing such problems as the sticks of the canifers. If the stick drift will fix how this can be done?

Steam Deck Review: Valve's Handheld Gaming PC Tested!

What is a stick drift?

For those who do not understand what the stick drift is, do not be discouraged. This is a pretty simple concept associated with the functionality of the analog properties of the portable console or controller. In the case of Steam Deck consoles, for example, many players report that the joystick on their consoles (used in many games to move the character or panning screen) or moves more or less than what they are done manually, or moves on their own whole.

How to fix Dreuff Stick Steam Deck

Some players complained to the problem of stick drift and said it was a completely hopeless thing. However, this may not be quite so. There is one method that can be tried right now, t. Proposed by the User Reddit Hollandje in Sabered Steam Deck. Although Steam Deck is currently not official calibration settings, you can manage them in Big Picture mode. Follow these steps:

  • Choose power and choose switch to desktop from available options
  • Open the Steam client and then Mode Big Image
  • In the settings of the Large Image mode, go to Controller Settings
  • Select Detected Steam Controller
  • Hit calibration button on the right side of the screen, next to Support
  • Complete calibration, aligning the target, as indicated in the manual.

After that, you must completely restart the console. I hope this will improve the performance of your STEAM deck, as this is the only currently proposed correction until Steam decides the problem.

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