The Cuphead series is renewed for a second season

A few weeks ago since the series of Cuphead premiered at Netflix , and everything seems to indicate that its producers were very satisfied with the results. We say this because it has just been confirmed that ** The Cuphead Show will have a second season, which will arrive at the Streaming service long before the thought.

Via twitter , the Netflix Geeked account was responsible for confirming this news but that is not all, it was also revealed that these new episodes will be arriving in this same year, that is, in A few more months.

Certainly no one expected the second season of Cuphead to be released so early, especially because the first took a long time to get to Netflix without mentioning all the months of silence and rumors. We would not be surprised that in one of those they confirm until their third season for the end of this year.

The Cuphead Show Season 2 Release Date, Trailer | Season 2 & Season 3 RENEWED by Netflix!!

Editor’s note: The series may not be as good as the game, but it definitely has a charisma. Cuphead and Mugman are represented in a very fun way, and there is definitely potential to introduce more characters from the saga in the future.

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