Fantastic aloy cosplay from Horizon is even shared by Sony

Through the release of Horizon Forbidden West two weeks ago, some artists of the Cosplay scene have placed their focus on Aloy . Some pictures have succeeded so well that they were even shared by Publisher Sony on Twitter. These are especially the cosplay of Missskunk , which sets its variant of Aloy in scene. The photos we have integrated you below.

Great details in the Aloy Cosplay

If you throw a close look at the pictures, the numerous details of the outfit become clear. This includes, for example, the equipment made from different substances and materials. The Focus as well as the iconic red hair from Aloy come to the validity. Missskunk also has the spear the protagonist in the hands of how to recognize the photos.

Who is Aloy?

Making an Aloy Cosplay from Horizon Forbidden West

Players hatch both in Horizon Zero Dawn as well as in the new Horizon Forbidden West in the role of Aloy. As a warrior of the Nora tribe she does the dangerous machines of the game world with ease. In doing so, not only the spear already mentioned, but also their skills with arrow and bow. In the original of Ashly Burch \ – is responsible for the German voice Julia Casper is responsible. Aloy’s face but belongs to another, real existing person.

PlayStation organizes cosplay competition

The Sony team called the community to share their own aloy cosplays under the Hashtag # Iamaloy with the world. Until the 31. March 2022 Can be submitted pictures for the competition. A jury will choose three winners at the end who are allowed to look forward to prices. The main prize is the board game of Horizon Zero Dawn. All details can be found in the PlayStation Blog .

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