Star Wars: Eclipse: Release Maybe only 2027 or 2028?

Star Wars Eclipse BAD NEWS...
Only a few weeks ago, we had reported that the release of Star Wars: Eclipse probably at least have to be kept on the year 2026. But when it comes to the recent news of a well-known leader, in the worst case, it even takes much longer.

This is at least from a report by the industry insider Tom Henderson, which he has published on Xfire. Accordingly, Quantic Dream had the trailer of Star Wars: Eclipse not only published at the end of last year to introduce the public’s play. At the same time, he should also serve to attract new employees. However, as some non-detailed sources have reported Henderson, however, this project failed to fail. Apparently, the trailer did not have the desired effect on the labor market.

Thus, it is quite likely that the release of Star Wars: Eclipse could move further backwards than previously thought. Henderson does not want to exclude that the fans even have to be patient until 2027 or 2028 – that would be five or six years!

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