Triangular strategy: How to cure and increase maximum health

Healing and maximum health increase in Triangle Strategy is imperative if you are looking to get out victorious from the battle against your enemy. As enemies become harder, this will become even more important as your attacks cause more damage, so we enter fully.

Healing in the triangle strategy

To heal in Triangle Strategy, you will need to use an HP Recovery Pellet element that provides HP when used, or use a unit with healing skills.

Character skills

Geela and Hossabara are two of the first characters you get in the game that can cure themselves and other characters with their skills.

When it is your turn, select your healing spells and choose the group member you want to cure in battle. This, of course, will consume your movement in that turn and will also consume TP, so make sure it is not in danger before doing so.

Use of curative elements in the triangular strategy

Alternatively, to use a healing element, during the shift of a character, press to the left or right on the D-PAD to access the ‘Objects’ tab.

Next, select a ‘recovery pellet’. Press A and then select the character you want to cure. However, the use of healing elements has the limitation limited. You can only use recovery pellets and other healing elements in the currently selected character, or in other members of your group that are directly adjacent to them.

Increase the maximum health of your group

To increase the maximum health of your characters, you must upload them, equip HP rings or improve their weapons.

Going level is the simplest, since your maximum health will increase slightly automatically every time you win enough experience to reach the next level.

The HP Rings can be purchased from the merchant in the camp and can also be found by exploring cities, so it is recommended to fully explore the environments every time you reach a new area.

Finally, you can update the weapons of a character to increase your maximum health. However, it must be taken into account that not all weapons improvements will necessarily have this effect. You must verify the Weapon update statistics screen when you do it to see what benefits will give that character.

That’s all you need to know about Stranding and increasing the maximum health of your characters in Triangle Strategy . To get more tips and tricks, look for Healing or consult more of our game coverage below.

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