Will the Triangle Strategy have a physical release?

Triangle Strategy will be released on physical media, and it will be possible to pre-order on many sites. Fans can purchase a game on GameStop (in pre-ordered the exclusive characters’ maps), Volmart, the best purchased Amazon. The long-awaited continuation of Octopath Traveler from Square Enix is ​​coming out on March 4, 2022. Triangle Strategy is a game that has a strong impact on making decisions in which the main choice affects one of the three player beliefs: morality, utility or freedom.

Will special issue?

Triangle Strategy will also receive a special physical edition (at least in Europe) entitled Triangle Strategy Tactician’s Limited Edition . This publication of the game can be pre-order or purchased in the store Nintendo Store. The strategy of the triangle page and will cost 89.99 pounds sterling (~ 100 US dollars).

A special edition will be supplied with a game containing a game card and a SteelBook case. The Border of the Orlaki Diary, collectible playing cards on the “Triangle Strategy”, a two-way poster and a set of custom playing bones will be included.

Triangle Strategy Is It Worth It?
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