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It’s no secret that Triangle Strategy loves to lay out on the player the tutorials, and these so-called dots (QP) is one of them. Today we will briefly consider what they do where to use them and how to get more.

What are rest glasses?

QP is a quantity Free moves can be taken in battle. They are consumed with quietsuses or skills that can be used on any detachment in your army. Below are some examples of quietsuses.

  • Restore : Restores the HP ally by 50%, treats its state and restores its reduced characteristics to a normal level.

Triangle Strategy Is It Worth It?
* In Tandem : Move the ally immediately after your turn.

Quietsuses can be used in any of your moves. Press minus (-) button to see them. Each QuietSus can only be used one day for the fight. In short, you need so much QP, how many quietsus you have.

how to get more quietus glasses

QP are not made naturally. You will need to buy Quietus Points in the store all sorts of things in your camp. Quietsuses can also be bought in all sorts of shop. Shop everyone uses prestige as a currency.

Possessivity can be earned by performing exceptional actions in battle, for example, attacking from the back, inflicting strikes on the weak points of the enemy and attacking with an elevation. One prestige is earned for maneuver.

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