CD Projekt Red has become a two-franchise studio

We have become quite accustomed to the idea that CD Projekt Red is now the cyberpunk 2077 Studio, but you should also know that the Polish developer and publisher has the world’s first world success and intellectual property that it might be interested in maintaining.

In its latest reporting report, the company clearly indicated that it supported a “double franchise model“, which is a clear index of the future of society. The sorceleur as a franchise, someone worried about finishing with the story of Geralt of Rivia.

“This migration to a double-franchise model based on several independent lines of products also optimizes manufacturing activities and financial activities, to mitigate significant risk factors and to facilitate the task of the employees of the Company. Professional development, “said the developer publisher, via VG247.

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It should be noted that the Polish developer has made known mainly thanks to the success of _The Wiccher 3: so it is almost obvious that in the future, a game based on a licensed intellectual property should involve this kind of Action-adventure role play mechanics in the third person.

Nevertheless, with CYBERPUNK 2077 finally launched on April 16, 2020, there is also a question of smoothing and accelerating the process of developing these securities. The game was announced for the first time in 2012 and should take shape in 2020; For the moment, we do not even know if it has a multiplayer component, and the New Game Plus mode still needs to be determined.

The future is promising for the CD Projekt Red and its fans worried about the lack of _theness in its portfolio for years to come, but hopefully, things will also improve from a technical point of view.

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