How to hire a picollet in triangle strategy

The war again broke out in Norzels, forcing both soldiers and citizens to take on the weapon, trying to protect their homes. Things that once brought people joy, such as a stray circus, became no more than a painful memory of lost loved ones. However, one young girl somehow managed to survive the horrors of the war alone, and she wants to help Serinea put an end to the war in which her family died… Acrobat, Picolretta . That’s how to hire a pics in a triangle strategy.

Where to find and recruit a picolott

In order for the story of the Character of Picolretta to be displayed on the world map, you first need to reach Chapter V: invaded darkness and sufficiently strong agreement with freedom Value of beliefs Serena. If the history of her character does not pop up in chapter V, do not worry – a picolotta will most likely appear in Chapter VIII, but only if you continue to strengthen the beliefs of Salea when passing the main plot.

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As soon as the story of the Character of Picolretta will become available, Look a short screensaver To learn more about her life as a young circus acrobatki, as well as how her family died due to war. Having reached the completion of the tragic history of the young acrobat, Sernea offers a new home in the form of a house of Wolfforta. Unlock it as a gaming character .

Picolotta abilities

As a former participant of the circus, a picolometty uses the skills that she learned to throw objects into enemies from afar. Her initial weapons is a racket that she uses to beat opponents or run various items with horrific accuracy. The object start increases the aiming range by two when using the item on the enemy, which allows the Picollette to use such objects as Firestone, from a safe distance.

On the other hand, Decoy can be used for Call the clone of Picollettes in your chosen place, which will allow it to safely retreat from enemy offensive. Only one clone can exist at the same time , however, so planning accordingly before using this ability. While its usefulness is slightly dependent on the number of items in your inventory, Picolretta is a funny and fancy unit, which can be in your team if you prefer to use objects, not magic!

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